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WIKI Configuration Parameters

First, the general settings1, $wgMetaNamespace the name of the meta-namespace used.2, $wgMetaNamespaceTalk meta-namespace The name of the discussion page. It is not usually necessary to consider the variable, but also to write: $wgMetaNamespace.

Pseudo Code)

Original pseudocode: pseudo code by Naomi Nishimura Translated by Liu Jianwen ( In the text and lectures, algorithms will often be expressed in pseudo docode, a mixture of code and English (for speci should C not

Pseudo-polynomial-time algorithm pseudo-polynomial algorithms-----geeksforgeek Translation

What is a pseudo-polynomial?When the worst time complexity of an algorithm is based on the order of magnitude of the input, we call the algorithm's time complexity even pseudo polynomial time (the interpretation on a wiki may be better understood if

Pseudo-class selectors in CSS3

class selector differs from pseudo class selector   class Selector We can name it arbitrarily, and pseudo-class selectors are A selector that is already defined in CSS is not allowed to be named at will.   Pseudo-class selectors and

How to get from rookie to pseudo master

How to grow from rookie programmer to (pseudo) masterDirectoryDisplay1.SummaryRecently some of my graduating colleagues asked me, "Do you have any tips when you work?" How to become a master quickly? ”When I think of the new recruits and training, I

Garbled characters when the website pseudo-static Rewrite is used to Rewrite the Chinese path

If the pseudo-static data is used directly, Chinese characters are not good for search engines, and garbled characters are often obtained. Sometimes it is normal from google, but it is garbled on Baidu, sometimes it is okay to use 360 garbled

Java's way of sealing the gods [reprint]

First, the basic article1.1 JVM1.1.1. Java memory model, Java memory Management, Java heap and stack, garbage collection 1.1.2. Understanding the various parameters

How Java engineers develop their minds

How Java engineers develop their minds I have a good summary of the JAVA learning points. My friends can see which one they will not and learn in a targeted manner.I. Basics 1.1 JVM1.1.1. Java memory model, Java memory management, Java heap and

[Java] How Java engineers develop their minds

[Java] How Java engineers develop their mindsI. Basics 1.1 JVM1.1.1. Java memory model, Java memory management, Java heap and stack, and garbage collection Http:// Id = 133Http:// 1.1.2. Learn about JVM

30 Selector Summary for CSS3

This paper summarizes 30 CSS3 selectors, small series feel very good, and now share to everyone, but also for everyone to do a reference. Let's take a look at it with a little knitting. Perhaps all the selectors that people usually use are: #id.

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