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Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi) installation aircrack-ng,reaver and WiFi hack tutorial [finishing]

(recommended)-l,–ignore-locks ignore locked state reported by the target APIgnore the locked status reported by the target AP-e,–eap-terminate terminate each WPS session with an EAP FAIL packetTerminates the WPS process whenever an EAP failure packet is received-n,–nack Target AP always sends a nack [Auto]Always send Nack to target AP, default auto-w,–win7 Mimic a Windows 7 registrar [False]Analog win7 registration, default offReference:Http://

Real phone cracked wifi password, aircrack-ng,reaver, limited to MX2 (BCM4330 chip)

MX2 (BCM4330 chip only), MX may not be tested (BCM4329? ), MX3 not.PS: Native Android app, non-virtual machineReaver, I don't know what it is. Look at this packet hack wifi password:Http:// 4 packages in turn, note that after the BusyBox installation is complete, you need to open a second installation, restart your phone after installing

WiFi password hack in cdlinux environment

window to start again or another time to continue.Grab Bag Success > Click OK to select the dictionary brute force hack passwordNote: The dictionary is good or bad directly affect the crack situation, caught the handshake package will be saved under/tmp/As for the WPC file will be saved under the file system/tmp/minidwep-gtk/, the file name begins with the MAC address.Dictionary violence in the crack > Password successfully cracked > Method II,

Kali Linux wifi password hack

the-w Test command, I generated the handshake package named Test-*.cap, and then we dragged the prepared dictionary into the same directoryExecute in Terminal:aircrack-ng-w dictionary name test-*.cap (Handshake package name) And then wait for the completion of the hack, if the successful hack out of the WiFi password, the interface will appear key found!, if the

Kalilinux under WiFi password hack

My virtual machine does not know what is going on, the connection on the WiFi is OK, it also means that the network card driver is no problem, but on the WiFi graphics crack when the third button always can not display, later use Aircrack-ng command cracked gave me inspiration, feeling is software jam, use the following command, After removing the blockage and then using the interface scan, there is no prob

Mac system installation aircrack-ng hack WiFi password (2)

as follows:Break the WEP passwordAfter the packet analysis is complete, a sentence appears in the command line minimum face:We enter 2because the Index number in Princess is 2, and the result is different for each time;After a flash of the interface, if there is a key FOUND, the password cracked out, if there is no key FOUND , then the data you captured is not enough, be sure to recapture the password is 10 uppercase A:Because the WEP algorithm flaw, as long as catches the packet enough, can br

Mac system installation aircrack-ng hack nearby WiFi password (1)

identity card equivalent to the NIC, the MAC address itself cannot be modified, but can spoof the AP by forging a MAC address.WEP (Wireless encryption Protocol): Wireless encryption protocol. An early encryption protocol that is easy to crack.WPA/WPA2 (wi-fiprotected Access): A more secure encryption system based on WEP.Handshake: shake hands.IV (initialization vector) s: Initialize vector.Reference:macport: wpa/wpa2

Who told you you need to hack the flash to share WiFi? (Purely nonsense)

Used to be the school cmcc-edu WiFi, recently stopped to change the flash, listen to rumors seem to need to crack the flash messageCan send a WiFi out to share the use, I thought it was really so, this does not happen today want to use a mobile phone to connect WiFi brush under the network,Try to crack it.But then found that there is no need to crack, only need t

WiFi password hack cdlinux

simple text detailed tutorial, also waste the cloud good big strength, cdlinux u disk start with a lot of methods, format several times the U disk to select this kind of curve saving and unusual convenient method, I hope you can also successfully cracked the route password you want to crack! WiFi password cracking detailed graphic tutorial also came here, I hope to see understand it! Follow what new things will also be updated in this post, nothing m

Python hack wifi

hotspot's SSID name or MAC address N The connection state of the hotspot, this time that is currently spent signal The signal strength of the hotspot, if the smaller the better The ID of the keynum test password will be reduced by 1 per run. Key the current test password 650) this.width=650; "Src=" ip70vic417dmajhkyw5sibiaexgdeu2q9yfqtpxiaf1rg8gz1deobcgz1xgbc5lxbfi1ojkau0lzgdcq0aldl1qwxw/640?wx_fmt=png Tp=webpwxfrom=5wx_lazy=1 "style=" margin:0px auto

Kali Linux WiFi hack (aircrack)

Need a network card that can listenAirmon-ng Start Wlan0 (monitoring network card)Airmon-ng check Kill (to clear other affected environments)Airodump-ng mon0 (scan nearby WiFi)Airodump-ng--bssid target mac-c (target ch)-W Crack (custom file name) Mon0Next, wait for the hand package.Auxiliary acceleration:Aireplay-ng--deaut 10 (10 time)-a target mac-c mac Mon0 (flood attack)Aircrack-ng-w/tmp/wpadict.txt Crack-01.cap (Run dictionary, here's the. cap fil

Hack routed WiFi

packets are not captured, the user's use of more, the more data packets, can be cracked to the data packet in more than 10,000, and then to analyze the password, the best in the daytime when more people use. One of the client's non-line by the opportunity to crack the chance will be greater, good luck as long as 10 minutes or so, bad words will be a few hours, because to capture more than 10,000 packets, but there are exceptions, and sometimes 20,000 packets can not be cracked.This is a Linux e

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