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2017-02-10 reliable data transmission principle, reliable data transmission protocol, automatic retransmission request protocol, stop and wait protocol, redundant packet, bit alternation Protocol, sliding window protocol

2017-02-10 reliable data transmission principle, reliable data transmission protocol, automatic retransmission request protocol, stop and wait protocol, redundant packet, bit alternation Protocol, sliding window

Reliable Multicast Programming

Reliable Multicast Programming (PGM) This section describes the Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) multicast protocol implementation in Windows, often referred to as reliable multicast.

Analysis of multicast protocol and Multicast Route

intolerable. It is also a huge burden for a host to continuously generate a message. If multicast is used, the source host can send only one message to reach each host that needs to be accepted. This is also dependent on the maintenance and selection of the relationship between the vro and the group members. 4. What is the difference between multicast and broadcast? As in the preceding example, when multip

Install reliable multicast protocols on WINDOWS8 workstations

Step one: In the Network icon, click PropertiesStep two: Click "Local Area Connection"Step three: Click "Properties"Step four: Click "Install"Step five: Click "Protocols" and addStep Six: Click "Reliable Multicast Protocol" and then determineStep Seven: Return to the Ethernet Properties dialog box to see the installed protoco

2017-02-11 structure reliable data transmission protocol, Sliding window protocol, bit alternation protocol, fallback N-Step protocol, and select retransmission protocol

2017-02-11 structure reliable data transmission protocol, Sliding window protocol, bit alternation protocol, fallback N-Step protocol, and select retransmission protocol 1: Redundant data duplicate (packet), 2: Inverted count tim

Data communication and network-IP Multicast Routing Protocol

Part of this article is reproduced in: Before talking about IGMP, it is said that IGMP packets cannot be transmitted outside the LAN (for details, see:, so how to communicate between routers after hosts in different network segments join multicast groups, do you know which subnet to forward? This is the function of the IP

TCP/IP protocol Volume one-----------broadcast and multicast

The little Porter is here again, 51 holidays are over.1. Introduction Broadcast and multicast only apply to UDP because TCP is a connection-oriented protocol (IP address determination) Unicast: The Ethernet frame is only destined for a single destination host, and the destination address indicates a single receive interface. In this mode, any two host communication will not affect th

TCP/IP Study Notes (7)-broadcast and multicast, IGMP Protocol

the data to the kernel can be. Generally, ARP or the route protocol rip should be broadcast.1. 3. Multicasting) Broadcast is a special case of multicast. multicast sends data to a specific host (multicast group, the data broadcast range is smaller (in fact, the broadcast range is not smaller). The

Explanation of IPv6 Multicast Routing Protocol

In previous articles, we have explained the content of the IPv6 protocol. We should remember that in IPv6, there are unicast IPv6 routing protocols and IPv6 multicast routing protocols. Now let's take a look at the latter. What content does the IPv6 Multicast Routing Protocol contain? Let's take a look at the following

7. Broadcast and multicast, IGMP protocol

receive this broadcast data, the network card as long as the MAC address of FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF data to the kernel. In general, ARP, or routing protocol RIP, should be advertised in the form of broadcasts.1.3. Multicast (multicast)It can be said that broadcast is a special case of multicasting, multicast is to send data

Multicast Routing Protocol IGMP learning notes

MulticastUnlike the one-to-one transmission over the network, it is a one-to-many (at least one) point based on UDP/IP point transmission protocol, The multicast router uses the IGMP protocol to check whether the multicast group receiver exists in the network segment connected to each interface, that is, the group memb

"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol" 12th chapter broadcast and multicast---reading notes

"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol" 12th chapter broadcast and multicast---reading notes1. IntroductionBroadcast and multicast are used only for UDP, and they are important for applications that need to transmit messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.Sometimes, a host sends frames to all other hosts on the web, which is the broadcast.Multicast (

Multicast and IGMP protocol detailed

the role of multicast and IGMP---------------------------------The so-called multicast, as opposed to unicast and broadcast, refers to the network host will send the data at once to multiple target hosts belonging to the same group. The main use of the IGMP protocol. IGMP is the meaning of Internet Group Management protocol

Introduction to multicast of IPv6 network protocol

during transmission; the "encapsulation security net load" function ensures that only valid recipients can read the content of the IP Group. This identity authentication method can effectively prevent network eavesdropping, so as to ensure the security of users and systems, and to a certain extent, it can prevent hackers from exploiting network protocol vulnerabilities for cracking activities. 4. Support for Mult

Multicast programming (UDP-based protocol)

Start by figuring out what multicast IP addresses areClass D IP Address is the multicast address, the range is ~ is also divided into the following categoriesDivision of Class D addresses Category Address range Describe Local link address (local network control block) For LAN, routers do not forward IP pack

Remote DoS vulnerability in Cisco IOS Multicast Source Protocol

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Cisco IOS 15.xUnaffected system:Cisco IOS 15.2 (2) T1Cisco IOS 15.1 (4) M3aCisco IOS 15.1 (4) M2Cisco IOS 15.1 (2) GC2Cisco IOS 15.0 (1) M8Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 52759Cve id: CVE-2012-0382 MSDP is a protocol used to connect multiple PIM-SM domains, allowing multicast sources in a group

Analysis of reliable transmission protocol over TCP

TCP is a connection-oriented transmission protocol. TCP has four features:1. End-to-End 2. connection-oriented 3. Reliable and ordered data streams 4. batch data transmission now, let's talk one by one. 1. End-to-end. "End" refers to "Port ". The end-to-end protocol is provided by the transport layer. The IP protocol a

RDP: reliable data protocol

RDP is a connection-oriented transmission protocol designed to effectively transmit a large number of data for host monitoring applications such as download/upload and remote debugging. RDP attempts to provide only the necessary services to achieve effective operations and a small scale. Its main functions are as follows: RDP provides a full-duplex communication channel for each transport layer connection port; RDP attempts to send all user inform

How the protocol guarantees reliable transmission

How TCP protocol guarantees reliable transmissionFirst, the summary1, confirmation and retransmission: the receiver receives the message will confirm that the sender sent a period of time after the transmission did not receive confirmation to retransmit.2. Data check3, data reasonable fragmentation and sequencing:The Udp:ip datagram is larger than 1500 bytes and is larger than the MTU. This time the sender

How TCP protocol guarantees reliable transmission

value, but the acknowledgment is lost, it enters the deadlock situation which waits for each other. So if the window value is 0, the sender will open a continuous counter and ask the receiver each time.V. Congestion controlSwnd=min (Rwnd,cwnd), CWnd is the size of the congested window.Slow start and congestion avoidanceSsthresh: A parameter that is referenced when handling congestion. The initial value in the example is 16 and later becomes 12.When the cwnd> Ssthresh,cwnd in the slow-start meth

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