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Nhibernate.3.0.cookbook Chapter Fifth section setting up a base entity class

Setting up a base entity classSet the base class for an entity classIn this section, I'll show you how to set up a common base class for our entity classes.Preparatory workComplete the previous taskHow to Do1. In Entity.cs, enter the following code

Enterprise culture, team culture and knowledge sharing

Enterprise Culture To build a harmonious corporate culture, the core is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprise culture not only has spiritual attributes but also management attributes. It can complement rules and regulations,

Use powerdesigner to create an Enterprise Knowledge Base

1 Overview  Enterprise-level application development is usually completed by a team. In different stages of the software development process, a number of huge and complex analysis and design models are generated, the addition of team members and

Web Base Knowledge Point

One, JAVASCRIPT article0. Basic GrammarThe basic Javascript syntax includes: variable declarations, data types, functions, control statements, built-in objects, and so on.In ES5, there are two ways in which variable declarations are var and function,

confluence5.8.10 installation and crack of Knowledge base system

has been to the knowledge base system is very concerned about, imagine such a scenario, the company's research and development data over the years as long as a search, the relevant knowledge points are all put in front, any king to take, think of

TRAFFIC-CONTROL:TC Traffic Management Introduction--turbolinux Knowledge Base

I. INTRODUCTION to TCTC, or traffic control, as the name implies, TC is a tool for the flow control of Linux. With TC, you can control the rate at which the network interface sends data.Each network interface (for example: ETH0,PPP0) has a queue

Frame your system with. NET (base class building ideas)

. NET out, to our VB programmers have an unprecedented light of the feeling, not that he simply upgraded from the VB6.0 to the VB7.0, is a kind of not to be seen derogatory feeling. It used to be that VB programmers had a lower position than

Deep understanding of mobile-pixel knowledge and viewport knowledge (RPM)

One pixel knowledge 1.1 device pixel (Devices pixel)It is a physical concept, referring to the physical pixels used in the device (physic pixel). This unit is represented by PX, which is a [relative absolute unit] ————That is, on the same device,

Ios-runtime knowledge points, Ios-runtime knowledge points

Ios-runtime knowledge points, Ios-runtime knowledge pointsDirectory of this document 1.Runtime Introduction 2.Runtime Related header Files 3. Technical points and application scenarios 3_1. Get property \ member Variable

Nic parameter setting suggestions and explanation of the meaning of each Nic Parameter

Since dealing with diskless systems, I have learned more than N pieces of knowledge, both in the software and hardware, both in the theoretical and practical aspects. Many people think that diskless systems are very complicated, I am also misled by

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