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Tab with Web Parts in Sharepoint 2013

Tab with Web Parts in Sharepoint 2013Implement a feature about tabbing content with multiple Web Parts, each associated with a header in a list. I'll achieve it in SharePoint 2013.To ta

BEGINNING sharepoint®2013 Development 3rd Chapter--sharepoint 2013 developer Tools Web-based development in SHAREPOINT

BEGINNING SHAREPOINT? Development 3rd Chapter--sharepoint 2013 developer tools as mentioned before in Web-based development in SharePoint, there are several ways to define SharePoint development. As an advanced user, you might use

SharePoint website configuration tips-do not display online web parts library when adding Web parts

When adding a Web part, you can select four sources by default. The online web part library depends on the web of the SharePoint website. the 1. On the Sharepoint Server, click Start, point to administrative tools, and then click SharePo

SharePoint daily tip Web parts, sharepointweb parts

SharePoint daily tip Web parts, sharepointweb partsSharePoint daily Tip Web Part Project Description This Web part selects a random item from the specified SP custom list or a selected RSS source and displays an image, title, and Tip. Applicable to WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, and SP

SharePoint filters the Web parts and sharepoint list items by criteria based on the meta properties of the list items.

SharePoint filters the Web parts and sharepoint list items by criteria based on the meta properties of the list items.SharePoint filters the list items according to the meta attribute of the list items. Project Web parts effect: A

Overview of the Object Model of the Sharepoint Server-side object model (Part 2)

and want to get results immediately, we can create a console program specifically used to test various object models. 1. Create a console program using the SharePoint Object Model (1) Start Visual Studio 2010 and select new project ); (2) In the new project dialog box, select console application, and pay attention to the usage.. NET Framework 3.5 is used as the runtime environment (SharePoint 2010

Use CAML Progress data query for the SharePoint server-side object model

The SharePoint server-side object model uses CAML for data queriesI. OverviewIn a SharePoint development application, a query is a very common means of obtaining a collection of corresponding list entries in a list or some list based on certain filtering and sorting criteria.In addition to the queries on the list, there are a large number of different queries in

Access users, user groups, and permissions for the SharePoint server-side object model (Part 1)

(i) overview The SharePoint permissions system is a relatively important part of the entire SharePoint system, and the authority system is divided into two main parts: Authentication and authorization. The main problem of authentication is to determine whether the lander is legitimate, and which user he is, and what SharePoin

SharePoint Expert News Converter webpart----pro-push Web Parts

to the image thumb URL.Then 3. We added two columns of image file and image Thumb Url to the notification list, and the type is image Uploader. 4. The first image file has a width of 270px. 5. A second 50px. 6. Remember this list to disable attachments. 7. Upload image to the following list property to set a picture library on its own.I use a catpic picture library here, put a lot of kittens pictures. 8. Add a few notification items to the notification list.Write the title, expiry time, and upl

SharePoint 2010 Picture Library thumbnail Web Part Web Parts

SharePoint 2010 Picture gallery thumbnail Web Part Web Parts This webpart displays a picture from a SharePoint picture library in a thumbnail layout. : First create a picture library productshow in the site.Deploy WebPar

Office Services-Combine server-side Word documents into SharePoint 2010

to a computer and sits in front of it. Office applications are not the best tool for server-side scenarios for reasons such as security, performance, and reliability. Office applications in a server environment may require human intervention, which is not ideal for server-side solutions. Therefore, Microsoft recommends avoiding the use of such solutions, as described in the Microsoft Support article "Consi

Web-side css hack (1), web-side csshack

Web-side css hack (1), web-side csshack During a small holiday in May October, I felt uncomfortable without typing the keyboard for a few days. I also have time to share my css problems. Css hack A Brief Introduction to css hack: Definition: Generally, CSS and bugs are supported by various browsers, which can be divid

Access site and list data for the SharePoint server-side object Model (Part 2)

Fields Spfieldcollection All fields in the list Forms SPFormCollection Forms in the list (such as new, edit, view, etc.) Views Spviewcollection All views in the list For example, the following program lists all the lists in the Web site and prints out the title of their list: 1:usingnew SPSite ("Http://sp2010/book")) 2: { 3: using (SPWeb

SharePoint Web Parts Master stickers for WebPart

SharePoint Web Parts General stickers previously written blogs about SharePoint webpart Web Parts do not make an index, which makes it inconvenient for users to view So here I make a general post. Thank you for reminding me of

Web-side design: Let our web-side products keep pace with the Times

Article Description: now, with the popularity of mobile handsets such as smartphones and tablets, more and more Web sites are becoming compatible with these platforms. At the same time, visual design and interaction design on these mobile devices are also affecting the design of Web side. Now, with the popularity of mobile handsets such as smartpho

The difference between web-side testing and mobile-side testing

Previous participation in the project has involvedWebEndTestAndMoving-End testing, simpleRecordThe difference between them:1. Record BugsOn the web side can be brought by the system and QQ and other ways to intercept the picture of the bug, for the wrong place can be labeled with the tool's own logo to focus. For mobile devices, you can useMobile PhoneThe self-bringing tool comes then uploaded to the PC, an

The total paste for SharePoint Web webpart parts

SharePoint Web Parts Total paste before you write a SharePoint webpart Web Part related blog, we did not do an index. Netizens are very inconvenient when viewing, so here I do a general post. Thankthe summer from BeijingThe reminder.SharePoint Filters list items by criteria

Preface to the Sharepoint Server-side Object Model

For developers who have just started to access Sharepoint, even if they have rich ASP. NET development experience, it may be difficult to find a way to start with Sharepoint. For any development platform, the process of learning and developing generally includes: use of development tools, selection of development means, and writing of development languages. Sharepoint

Use the server-side object model to write a program to manage the SharePoint list

Using the server-side object model, writing a program to manage the SharePoint list is the core of SharePoint. The server object model is one of the ways to interact with the list. You can create different types of applications on the server to interact with the server object model. For example, WinForm, WPF/Web

Jump to the corresponding mobile page when accessing the PC-side web page on the mobile side

Do not want to through the CSS self-adaptation in the PC side and mobile display of different styles, then only through the mobile access to the PC-side web page to jump to the corresponding mobile page, then how to jump, there are many articles on the Internet, the following is my test effective way.1.PC-Side Access d

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