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JQuery plug-in, silly !, Jquery plug-in silly points

JQuery plug-in, silly !, Jquery plug-in silly pointsNot to mention, directly add the code! First extend $. Extend ({SayHello: function (name){Alert ('hello, '+ (name? Name: 'xxxx') + '! ')}});$ (Function (){$. SayHello ();$. SayHello ('hangsan ');}); Type 2 $. fn$. Fn. Red = function (){This. each (function (){$ (This). append (''+ $ (this). attr ('href '));});Return this.css ('color', 'red ');}$ (Function

Silly php script path, silly php script

Silly php script path, silly php script If you don't need to talk about it, you can directly raise the question today. To be precise, you can tell the difference between multiple similar global variable constants related to the current script information. First paste the Code: The address in the browser is http: // localhost/test/test4.php? A = 3 localhost is the root directory. Now, what I have caref

Python interface Automation 13-data and JSON parameters silly confusing

ObjectiveIn the post request, sometimes the body part to pass the data parameter, and sometimes the body part of the JSON parameter, then the question is: When to pass the JSON, when should pass data?I. Identification of JSON parameters1. In the previous 1.8 chapters, the body of the POST request usually has four types, the most common is the JSON format, this is still a lot of recognition2. Using the Grab Bag tool to view, first open raw to see the body section, such as this, the parameter is t

Smart men cherish the silly women around you

Men are not bad, women do not love. In other words, women are not stupid, men do not love. Do not know why, men like silly women. The reason is that bad men know how to favor women, while silly women can satisfy the psychology of men's big men, so bad men and silly women become out of stock. It's just that this bad man is not really a bad man, but because she kno

TCP Silly Window syndrome

inch The topic describing TCP ' s Maximum Segment Size (MSS) parameter , I explained the trade-off in determining the optimal size of TCP segments. If segments is too large, we risk have them become fragmented at the IP level. Too small, and we get greatly reduced performance because we is sending a small amount of data in a segment with at least bytes of header overhead. We also use up valuable processing time, which is required to handle, each of these small segments. The MSS parameter ensures

Never say ten silly things to your boss

asked to leave. When you ask the boss, you often feel wronged. You think that you are doing something, and use your strengths to compare it with others' weaknesses. However, a person with a management quality cannot do this. He must think differently, think comprehensively, jump out of his or her own circle of interests, and make comprehensive judgments, this makes it easier for you to understand the boss's decision on promotion. However, this does not mean that you have not obtained a chance f

Before silly thought, milk tea is pure

Preface: In 2013 entered a heavy vertical traditional brand to do e-commerce, after more than 2 years of work, only to discover ...Previously silly thought, demand is the user's needs, later only to know, there is the demand for leadership, business needs. Meet the needs of users is nonsense, to meet the needs of leadership is Wang Pa. Please get started with the small white product managers, pay attention to the order of demand: leadership needs "bus

Haircut, dinner, a silly code worker

Haircut, dinner,A sillyCodeWorkers It's a kind of realm. Have you reached it? Every time a colleague forgets time to think about a technical problem, we will say, "You're stupid, I found myself a silly code worker! I say that I am a code worker. This is not self-modesty, but a reality.ProgramEmployee60Pass the score. I may40I don't have enough points. I don't have enough power. I just need to make up for it with diligence. So I often "stupid"

Hdoj 4720 Naive and Silly muggles triangle circumscribed circle

When it is obtuse triangle, the longest edge is the smallest circle with a diameter.Otherwise, seek the circumscribed circle of the triangleNaive and Silly MugglesTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): Accepted submission (s): 451Problem Descriptionthree Wizards is doing a experiment. To avoid from bothering, the A special magic is set around them. The Magic forms a circle, which covers th

Ask a silly question: upload on the PHP page

A silly question: Many Download websites use PHP pages to download links and link them to a PHP page. this page reads file streams to complete the download process, what are the benefits of doing so? Why can't I direct the object to the downloaded file? ------ Solution ------------------ anti-theft function. Don't want to be seen. ------ solution ------------------ you can hide the real Download. Ask a silly

Ask a silly question: upload on the PHP page

A silly question: Many Download websites use PHP pages to download links and link them to a PHP page. this page reads file streams to complete the download process, what are the benefits of doing so? Why can't I direct the object to the downloaded file? ------ Solution ------------------ anti-theft function. Don't want to be seen. ------ solution ------------------ you can hide the real download link and ask a sil

Va 1016-Silly Sort (Replacement + greedy)

Va 1016-Silly Sort (Replacement + greedy) Link: Ultraviolet A 1016-Silly Sort Given a sequence with a length of n, each operation can exchange the positions of any two numbers. The cost is the sum of the two numbers, and the minimum cost is obtained to arrange the sequence in an ordered order. Solution: The given sequence is mapped to a replacement based on the number of values to break down the replacement

Elegant Python-__new__, __init__, __call__ silly

define a singleton pattern, because the custom __new__ overloads the __new__ of the parent class, you explicitly call the parent class's __new__, either object.__new__ (CLS, *args, **kwargs), or super (). , otherwise it is not extend the original instance, but instead of the original instance.For __call__Class Foo (object): def __call__ (self): PASSF = Foo () #类Foo可callf () #对象f可callSummary, in Python, the behavior of the class is this way, __new__, __init__, __call__ and other metho

[NOIP2008] Raise the group Rokua P1125 silly Little Monkey

# # of output:[OUTPUT1] Lucky Word2[output2]no Answer0Description"Input and output Example 1 explanation"The letter R that appears most in the word error appears 3 times, the letter with the fewest occurrences appears 1 times, 3-1=2,2 is a prime number."Input and output Example 2 explanation"The most appearing letters I appeared 2 times in the word Olympic, the letters with the fewest occurrences occurred 1 times, 2-1=1,1 were not prime numbers.Note: The original question is interpreted incorre

IOS QQ login silly Integration

IOS QQ login silly Integration 1. To download the iOS SDK, go to the SDK download page and download the latest version of QQ to log on to the iOS SDK. 2. iOS SDK directory structure the iOS SDK package contains two files: 1. TencentOpenAPI. framework packages the header file definition and implementation of iOS SDK. 2. TencentOpenApi_iOS_Bundle.bundle packages the resource files required by the iOS SDK. 3. Add the iOS SDK file to the project. 1. Add T

Ask a silly question.

Ask a silly question. -- Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. PS: I'm not a computer professional. It is indeed because I have been idle and interested in programming recently, so I want to see how the computer works. This problem occurs when I read "write an operating system by myself. At that time, I was excited to write a boot sector which was compiled by nasm. I want to writ

Virtual Reality (VR), augmented Reality (AR), holographic don't be silly to know

virtual 3D image that can be viewed at any angle, and the difference is that the image of the former is visible to any person, the latter only to those with lenses. It is also obvious that the ultimate form of AR is to show that the entity contains a true sense of "complete information": Not only can it be seen, can touch, have a full sensory experience, but also accept and feedback all interactions-or only by intubation.the last point is my understanding:It can be realized that now the narrow-

Learn 、、、、 with a silly kiss (Simple file permissions)

or directorypermission setting: + Add privilege bit-reduce privilege bitA: After adding this attribute, the atime of the file or directoryA: After adding this property, only the content can be appended and cannot be deletedS: When this property is added, data will be synchronized to diskC: After adding this attribute, automatically compress the file, automatically unzip when readI: After adding this attribute, the file will not be able to write, delete, rename and set the linkSillyKiss,I'mjustA

A silly unlimited classification-PHP Tutorial

A silly unlimited classification .? * ** Unlimited classification * 2011823 * kcj ** include .. connconn. php; $ flpid $ _ POST [flpid]; $ fltitle $ _ POST [title]; $ fldes $ _ POST [des]; if (isset ($ _ POST [action])! $ _ POST [action] add /** * Unlimited classification * 2011/8/23 * Kcj **/ Include "../conn. php "; $ Flpid =$ _ POST ['flid']; $ Fltitle = $ _ POST ['title']; $ Fldes = $ _ POST ['Des ']; If (isset ($ _ POST ['action'])! = '' $ _ POST

/ETC/BASHRC and/etc/profile silly to know?

~/.Profileunset local_bashrc_runningIt is used to prevent the profile from being loaded repeatedly, and it needs special note[-/etc/ -- "${system_bashrc_runned}"/etc/ BASHRC/ETC/BASHRC This file is only in the Mac and other systems, so Ubuntu here can not add, but there is a judgment whether there is no problem with adding. To this point basically can be more perfect solve the problem of the shell loading order, of course, for example, this user is zsh and the like also need to follow the p

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