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What is the difference between a layer-2 switch, a layer-3 switch, and a layer-4 switch?

network can be learned, and the layer-2 switch is established in this way andMaintain its own address table. The working principle of a L2 Switch can be inferred from the following three points: 1) because the switch exchanges data on most ports at the same time, a wide switching bus bandwidth is required,If the L2

What is a layer-1 switch, layer-2 switch, and layer-3 switch?

for routing.Example 2 _ layer-3 Switch:As shown above, assume there are many other floors and many other switches,A three-layer core switch is required to replace the router.------------------------------------------The principle of a layer-3 switch is very easy: one route is used for multiple exchanges. Explanation:

The new iOS-NSDictionary/NSMutableDictionary uses "yes" and "no". The switch controller and NSUserDefaults are used to easily switch applications ., Iosnsuserdefaults

The new iOS-NSDictionary/NSMutableDictionary uses "yes" and "no". The switch controller and NSUserDefaults are used to easily switch applications ., Iosnsuserdefaults IAronTalk Blog opens. Not matter of the today will drag tomorrow. -= -- =-= -= -=- NSDictionary (dictionary) is a collection data used in Objective-C. It

The Cisco3550EMI switch is used as an instance of the DHCP server project, and the cisco3550emidhcp

The Cisco3550EMI switch is used as an instance of the DHCP server project, and the cisco3550emidhcp Configuration of Cisco3550EMI switch as an instance of DHCP server Engineering Network Environment: A 3550EMI switch is divided into three VLANs. vlan2 is the network where the server is located. It is named server, IP a

Cisco mds9222i Fibre Switch most commonly used debug commands

public License. A copy of the license is available at Http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html. Software-microcode InformationBios:version 1.0.19-bios VersionLoader:version N/AKickstart:version 5.0 (4b)-kickstart versionSystem:version 5.0 (4b)-microcode version, same as normal and kickstart versionBIOS Compile TIME:02/01/10Kickstart image file Is:bootflash:/m9200-s2ek9-kickstart-mz.5.0.4b.bin-kickstart pathKickstart compile time:11/16/2010 23:00:00 [01/13/2011 15:06:13]System image File Is:bootfl

How is the Win7 router used as a switch?

1, as we all know, we now commonly used routers in general can only be divided into four computers to use. 2, because the router's network cable interface on 5, 1 WAN interface, the external network, the other 4 LAN interface, divided into four PCs. 3, but some people say, my company's computer more than 4 units ah? What about it? People who know a little bit of it immediately thin

The skill of shortcut keys used in Apple machine switch machine

Maybe you need to switch machines several times a day, sometimes you can use the CD to boot, sometimes need to log off the replacement of the user, the normal operation, are all through the screen menu to choose, although the way to use the menu to operate very intuitive, but if you add some shortcut keys, can make your action convenient and fast many, the bottom is the switch machine , logout, shutdown, yo

Boost: function is used to register a function (switch N multi-case solution)

[Cpp] In the current game development project, different interfaces need to be called according to the item type. The common method is to use [cpp] view plaincopyprint?Switch (itemType){Case ...;Case ...;...} Switch (itemType){Case ...;Case ...;...} In this case, it will be difficult to add more cases in the future. The boost library was used in the project, and

Layer-3 Switch ACLs are used to isolate different VLANs.

Layer-3 Switch ACLs are used to isolate different VLANs. Create three VLANs: vlan10 vlan20 vlan30 www.2cto.com PC1 PC3 vlan10 PC2 PC4 vlan20 PC5 vlan30Vlan10 vlan20 vlan30 cannot communicate with each other but can access the Internet Pc1: pc2: pc3: pc4: pc5: configure R1Int f0/0Ip add configure f0/0No shInt lo0Ip add 1.1.

Linux process switch (2) TLB processing

the cache entries of the old a address space will affect the translation of the address space of the B process, so when the process switches, the TLB operation is required to clear the effects of the old process. We have one by one discussions below.2, absolutely no problem, but poor performance of the programWhen the system has a process switch, from process A to process B, which causes the address space

Spring.net after the processor can be used to switch instances

1. XML ConfigurationObjectId="Hexu"Type="CNBLOGLESSON_4_7.MODEL.PERSON,HRABLL"Init-method="Init"Destroy-method="Destroy"/> ObjectType="CNBLOGLESSON_4_7.HEXUOBJECTPOSTPROCESSOR,HRABLL"/>2. Codenamespacecnbloglesson_4_7 { Public classHexuobjectpostprocessor:iobjectpostprocessor { Public ObjectPostprocessafterinitialization (ObjectInstancestringobjectName) { if(Objectname.endswith ("Sysdicttypedao")) { retur

[Switch] What software is used for music

ears? Moreover, the software uses a MIDI device to play the video, ensuring that there is no deviation in the sound accuracy. It can also calculate your accuracy rate! 10. Fruity loops may be a headache for editing drums and percussion voices? The pace of Self-editing is either fragmented and uncentered, or lacks changes. In addition, drums in the sequencer software cannot hear the effects of loop repetition. Very troublesome. Now we have fruity loops, a software built on the loop, dedicated to

From the route when the switch is used!

Set up:1. Connect the computer to the LAN port of the router, and change the IP address from routed to another network segment address as long as it is not the same segment as the primary router. For example, most of the router address is, we just change from a router address to can;2. Again in the settings will be from the router's DHCP function off;3. Finally, connect the main router's network cable to the LAN port from the r

For 1+2+...+n, we must not use multiplication and division, for, while, if, else, switch, case and other keywords and conditional judgment statement (A? B:C) _ Programming

Title: Seek 1+2+...+n, the request cannot use multiplication and division method, for, while, if, else, switch, case and so on keyword and conditional judgment statement (A? B:C) This problem is indeed a bit biased, most people on the internet to give the solution are recursive. public int sum (int n) {if (n==1) return 1; Else Return N+sum (n-1); Obviously, the condition is

Basic configuration: cisco switch configuration vlan (2)

Appendix: switchport trunk encapsulation {isl | dot1q | negotiate} // configure trunk to encapsulate ISL or 802.1Q or automatically negotiate Switchport mode {dynamic {auto | desirable} | trunk} is generally not used). Configure the layer-2 trunk mode. Dynamic auto-automatically negotiate whether it is a trunk; dynamic desirable-set the port to trunk if the peer port is trunk, desirable, or automat

Layer-2 switch network administrators do not know the basic knowledge

device or third-layer device can be added to separate the conflict domain, that is to say, if a bridge, vswitch, and vro are added, the conflicting domain can be divided into smaller parts to reduce the bandwidth competition and conflict. A vro also has the advantage of dividing smaller broadcast domains. This is called network segmentation. Second-layer devices are used to reduce the range of conflicting domains, which is called "differential segmen

View C # (2) through IL -- switch statement (below)

View C # (2) through IL) Switch Statement (lower) Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/AndersLiu/archive/2008/11/06/csharp-via-il-switch-2.html Original: Anders Liu Abstract: The switch statement is a common jump statement in C #. Different codes can be executed based on differen

Android Custom Control Case Rollup 2 (custom switch, drop down refresh, sideslip menu) _android

Case four custom switches: Function Introduction: The function of this case is to create a custom switch, you can decide the background of the switch. When the slide switch, the slider of the switch can follow the finger to move. When the finger is released, the slider slides to the right or to the far left, depending

Switch Security (2)-MAC address flooding

Mac layer Attack rumor address floodA common two-layer attack or switch attack is a Mac flood, with an intruder using a large number of invalid source MAC addresses, which can cause the switch's cam table to overflow, because the switch cannot find the port corresponding to the destination MAC address in the MAC address table, causing the switch to periodically f

Android custom control series 2: Custom switch button (1), android Control

Android custom control series 2: Custom switch button (1), android Control This time, we will implement a complete and pure custom control, instead of using the system control like the previous Composite Control. The plan is divided into three parts:Basic Part of the custom control,Processing of touch events of Custom ControlsAndCustom properties of a custom control; Next we will start writing the first par

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