sql table size in gb

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Limit on the size of 2 GB of the default archive path in the flash back area of Oracle 10 GB

Oracle 10gThe default archive path is2 GB space limit of the flash back areaThe problem is what we will introduce in this article. Next we will introduce it through a practical example. The instance causes this. When solving the problem for the

What is the maximum size limit for a single table in SQL?

The first table shows that for all microsoft® SQL server& #8482; 2000 versions are the sameMaximum capacity. The second and third tables describe different versions of SQL Server 2000 and the operating systemCapacity. The following table

Oracle 10 Gb read-only table N methods

Oracle 10 Gb read-only table N methods Sometimes to improve data security, we need to set one or more tables to read-only, that is, no DML (Insert, Update, Delete) operations can be performed on them. It is very easy to implement read-only tables in

The size of mysql20W data is 1 GB and the like is very slow. how can this problem be solved?

The size of mysql20W data is 1 GB and the like is very slow. how can this problem be solved. $ SQL = SELECT * 'FROM 'text' where 'title' LIKE' % bbd % 'limit0, 10 & nbsp; $ SQL = mysql_query ($ SQL ); in this case, if we want to calculate the size

-Inside SQL Server 2000's Memory Management Facilities

Original article: Inside SQL Server 2000's Memory Management Facilities Translation: RicCC Ken HendersonMicrosoft CorporationJanuary 2004 This topic is excerpted from Ken Henderson's "The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals"

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-30. Microsoft SQL Server Management

30. Microsoft SQL Server ManagementAutomatic Setting of SQL ServerDatabase Maintenance PlanSummaryUsing appropriate settings and performing routine maintenance tasks in the database is the key to optimizing the server. This chapter describes the

Differences between versions released by SQL _server

Differences between versions released by SQL _server By ben988211: versions---------------------------------------------------------------In 1988, Microsoft and sysbase and Ashton-tate cooperated to port SQL Server to OS/

Slow table space creation in Oracle 10 GB

System Environment CPU info:Number of CPUs = 4Clock speed = 1595 MHzBus speed = 532 MT/sCPUID registersVendor information = "GenuineIntel"Processor serial number = 0x0000000000000000Processor version info = 0x0000000020000704Architecture revision:

Table Monitoring and statistics_level in 10 GB

For versions earlier than 10 Gb, you must use the alter_database/schema_tab_monitoring process of dbms_stats or create/alter table... monitoring enables table monitoring. In 10 Gb, the keywords monitoring and nomonitoring are out of date. If you

Installing Oracle 10 GB on the Character interface in Aix

1. Preparations before installing the database.First, you must confirm your machine configuration, operating system, and the version of the Oracle database to be installed. For different machine, operating system, and Oracle versions, refer to the

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