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Example of JavaScript switch case usage [range]

Examples: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function case1 (num ){ Switch (num ){ Case 1: Document. writeln ("show 1 !! "); Break; Case 2: Document. writeln ("show 2 !! "); Break; Case 3: Document. writeln ("show 3 !! "); Break; Default: Document.

Example of JavaScript switch case usage [range]

Examples: Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function case1 (num ){Switch (num ){Case 1:Document. writeln ("show 1 !! ");Break;Case 2:Document. writeln ("show 2 !! ");Break;Case 3:Document. writeln ("show 3 !! ");Break;Default:Document. writeln ("show

Switch port Speed Limit summary

Speed-limiting switches are typically on three or more switches, and the new switch model two-tier device since 2008 can achieve the QoS speed limit of 1Mbps, such as the Cisco 2960 series switches. After this, most of the domestic standard

Conditional switch Statements in Swift switch...case Learning tutorial _swift

Grammarsyntax for switch statements in the Swift language: Copy Code code as follows: Switch Expression { Case expression1: Statement (s) Fallthrough/* Optional * Case Expression2, Expression3: Statement (s) Fallthrough/*

C language base expression, relational operator, logical operator, bitwise operator, data range, branch structure (If...else, switch...case)

1. Expression: The expression is judged to have no result (value), the simplest expression is a constant or variable, such as: A, A, 3 + 1, a + B, a + 5 are expressions2.BOOL (Boolean) data type: In addition to the basic data types in the C language,

How to specify a range for the branch value after case in the switch statement

Answer supplementYou can do this easily: Switch (a) {Case 0: Case 1: Case 2: printf ("lslksdjfl/N"); Case 3: Case 4: case 5: printf ("sdlfjsdlf/N"); default: printf ....} Answer supplementCan you use the if statement? |All I know is that the

How to use the switch case statement in java

Switch syntax The code is as follows:Copy code Switch (expression){Case constant expression 1: Statement 1;....Case constant expression 2: Statement 2;Default: statement;} Default is to execute it if there is no matching case. default is not

Usage and considerations for using Switch-case in Java Super full summary

http://m.blog.csdn.net/blog/tianyazaiheruan/8988420Today qnovations teacher in the use of switch, this design to the most basic content, may forget some of its basic grammar, there are some errors, so impromptu from a variety of data query summed up

Replace switch-case with a table driver

From: http://blog.csdn.net/orbit/article/details/2120086     I don't know when the switch-case statement is synonymous with the bad taste of the Code. When I write the code, I carefully avoid it and frown when I see the switch-case in other people's

The principle and difference of the two layer switch, layer three switch and router

Two-tier switch:The second layer switching technology is more mature, two layer switch is a data link layer device, can identify the MAC address information in the packet, according to the MAC address to forward, and these MAC addresses and

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