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Wu chengen laid such a foreshadowing in travel to the West !~

Everyone should know that Journey to the West is one of the four famous books in China. Everyone knows about Sun Wukong's skills. I believe they are the idols of many boys when they were young! Today, I was bored and opened my Journey to the West. I

West Second Flag

West two flag, English name Shelchi, is located in the Royal Park Northwest Five rings, here has the famous Zhongguancun Software garden, is stationed Baidu Sina NetEase drops and so on well-known Internet company headquarters and a many foreign

The "feudal in my eyes" of Chinese Culture: The Chinese feudal system is not only shorter than that of the West, but also much earlier.

Wen/Li Bo (Guang Yu guangzhen) Some people say that modern China lags behind because of a much longer feudal system than the West. I said no!Strictly speaking, China's feudal system is not only shorter than the West, but also much earlier.The West

West number hard drive is broken how is the warranty? West number hard Drive protection tutorial

The West number of official is generally regardless of warranty, let you find agents, I was bought from Taobao, small Taobao sellers do not care, only to find the west number, dozen n a number of calls, regardless. China currently two telephones

Tianya, West Shrine, Kaidi Mister Talk Forum

Editor's note: April 13 20:30, Tianya chairman ' Xing, E Roncy Temple Hutong director Meter, Kaidi Network general Manager Shao, visiting the Power Forum, on the "Forum Status and Development" topic and online communication. The interview text is

22 military regulations of West Point Military Academy

Seeing the 22 military rules of West Point, I think people should live better than now and do better than now. Thank you for the spirit of West Point.The 22 military rules of West Point Military Academy are a lesson you must take on the road to

Falling into the dark: "Before the dipper 3: The counterattack of the West"

Watching Star Wars III is a process of witnessing the handsome impulse to fall into the dark and destiny. It is a process of seeing a burning and hopeless soul struggling to approach destruction. The narration is still rigid, the lines are pale and

East and west products from Xi'an

It was said that on one occasion, foreign students at shidahan College asked Chinese teachers why "things" can be called on tables and books, but cannot be called "things? The teacher taught us that "things" refer to things other than people. People

What is the West number Hongpan

In pursuit of the performance of the "Black Disk" (Western Digital series), Low power consumption small "green disk" (WD Green Series) and focus on the daily use of the "Blue Disk" (WD Blue Series), Western data for the NAS market launched a

Travel to the west-20 and later

Sitting in front of the TV yesterday morning, I switched to the remote control without a chat. Suddenly, the theme song "dare to ask why?" In travel to the West attracted me... In elementary school, the TV set may have just become popular at that

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