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What is desktop-level 3D printer, desktop-level 3D printer considerations [Hong Rui 3D Printer Manufacturers]

Desktop-grade 3D printer, as the name implies is small, can be placed on the desk to print three-dimensional physical printer. Desktop 3D Printer It is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, it is based on digital model files, the use of powder-like metal or plastic, such as adhesive materials, by layer-by-level printing method to construct the technology of the

Easily create and print 3D objects in Windows 8.1

Maybe you don't know that Windows 8.1 is actually native support for 3D printing. Windows 8.1 enables users to plug and Play 3D printers, identify 3D file formats, and connect 3D hardware printer applications. Microsoft now has a new app called 3D Builder that allows everyon

Visionary--3d Print

2015/7/8, just finished the high number, slept a nap, played a bit of the legend of the turret, lost more than win, no confidence to play the game, bored open Studio Code, just updated version, plug-in has not, but found that they have been stupid do not know how to get plug-ins, Internet.The opening of Baidu, saw the 3D print sports car news, it is so great.In addition to blinking my eyes, it has stimulate

3D Print Costume Halloween is not your mo-Dream factory

You want to be different on Halloween. 3D Printing technology recently, in order to meet the upcoming Halloween, renowned artist Aiman Akhtar has made use of 3D printing technology to create a very unique set of clothing. As you can see, when Jessica Dru Johnson wears it, it instantly turns the supermodel into the brightest star on Earth.As a task commissioned by the 3D

What are the latest 3D printing applications "Hong Rui 3D Printer manufacturers"

of the bronze beast, the rear of the 3D imaging system began to model, with a 3D printer printing, coloring, into the oven, a moment, a true beast first identical imitation is baked.In fact, the film's printing technology has already been used in the preservation of cultural relics, but there is no such a scan in the film, there will be printed immediately. For example, the "National Treasure Monster", whi

3D print false ears to regain self-confidence for poor and disabled children

a resin material, and finally the final body was made using a medical grade silicone material. After a series of post-processing, such as coloring, precision metering control, and curing after the skin color comparison with the child, a perfect fake ear was born. Hong Rui 3D Printing general manager briefly said: "Every year hundreds of thousands of people suffer from various kinds of accidents and physical damage." Many of these will involve the nos

3D print the world's lightest material (lighter than air)!

3D print the world's lightest material (lighter than air)!Aerogel (Aerogels) is one of the lightest materials in the world. Graphene aerogel (graphene aerogel) is one of the lightest in the category-there is no indentation on a small cotton ball.According to the U.S. website Quartz, the density of this material is about 1 per thousand of water, lighter than air! Ultra-low-density aerogel has a wide range of

You can't believe there's such a realistic 3D print painting!

The development of 3D printing technology has an irresistible influence on all walks of life, and this technology also allows many 3D print enthusiasts to make full use of their imaginations and create a novelty product that brings people into a magical world.Singapore artist Keng Lye is famous for his stereoscopic goldfish paintings. This painting method, the ne

Openscad Design 3D Print NODEMCU housing

The NODEMCU is a compact development board with integrated WiFi and MCU, based on the ESP8266 chip. Forum in http://bbs.nodemcu.com/, source code in HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/NODEMCU.Using the Openscad to make a shell, you can use the 3D printer output, and no longer "bare-Ben".OPENSCAD's original model file is as follows, which can be modified and output on the 3D printer itself.NODEMCU Smart Device, box, Rainpro

Openscad Design 3D Print zipper buckle

The buckle on the zipper of the computer bag was broken, and I designed one with Openscad. Then output the STL and print it to cura using the DreamMaker 3D printer. The fine wire is bent into a mouth shape, through the bow of the zipper, the back end through the hole in the front of the buckle, and then with the pliers to the ends of the back fold, done.The design diagram is shown below, comprising two inne

HP 1007 does not print a print task after sending it. What should I do?

Finance has a new boss. When he gave him a notebook and installed the HP1007 printer, the printer remained unchanged. This computer is an XP system and uses a built-in CD to install the driver, but the last reason is that the driver is incorrect! Many people on the Internet have this question, but it is a mess of answers, not a correct one! Looking for information on the HP official website also prompts that the print line may be loose. Finally, I che

XP system cannot print prompts "one document to print" What to do?

XP system cannot print prompts "one document to print" What to do? In day-to-day office, we often encounter the need to use the printer to print documents. However, some XP system user feedback in the printing operation, send a print task, but can not

Comprehensive analysis of what a 3D printer is

Definition of a 3D printer3D printer, also known as three-dimensional printer (3DP), is a cumulative manufacturing technology, rapid prototyping technology, a machine, it is a digital model file based on the use of special wax, powder metal or plastic, such as adhesive materials, by printing a layer of adhesive material to produce three-dimensional objects. The current three-dimensional printer is used to manufacture products. The technique of constru

Parsing what is 3D touch, what is In-cell

The early phone screens were used only to "see", and the invention of touch technology allowed people to interact with the screen on a 2D plane, while Apple's iphone 6s introduced a combination of the In-cell panel, the strain sensor, and the tactile engine (taptic Engine) opens the new era of smart touch, what exactly is 3D touch technology? What is the In-cell

LODOP print control does not print CSS background map what to do

Background:url () This is a CSS background map, the HTTP protocol will download the background map asynchronously, so it is easy to wait for the download to begin printing, so lodop do not print CSS background map.LODOP does not print the CSS background, but there are other ways to output the background map, in the hypertext can also use a normal image using hierarchical relationship as the background map o

ArcGIS Tutorial: What is an ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension? Two

, are also part of the ArcGIS 3D Analyst expansion module.While leveraging all the information provided in your data, you can manage large amounts of data with ArcGlobe. ArcGlobe displays the data of the space registration on the 3D Earth surface with the actual earth position. When you look at the entire Earth or some of these areas, you can manipulate the Earth and then study and analyze the Earth's data.

What is the 3D printer?

The 3D printer (3D Printers) is a magical printer designed by an inventor named Enrico Dini (Enrico Dini) that can even "print" out a complete building. 3D printing has become a trend, and began to widely used in the design field, especially industrial design, digital products, such as open mold, can be completed withi

[Map 3D development practices series] Map Resource Explorer-what is the use? How to use it?

I have introduced the implementation method of this tool. Now let's take a look at the usefulness of this tool. We all know that Map 3D connects to various data sources through FDO (including SDF, shp, Oracle, and so on), but what happened under the interface mask in this process? You can use this tool to get some inspiration. This gives us a deeper understanding of how to develop a Map-based

Play a large 3D game what kind of computer is configured well?

Friends like to play a large 3D games, the recent friends at home computer problems, originally playing these large 3D games will not give force, playing games, there will be sudden death of the phenomenon, so friends are going to buy a new assembly computer, Friends of computer configuration is not familiar with, they do not know what kind of computer configurat

3D HDTV, what do I need?

stage have been properly solved, for common users,3D HDTVIs it our first choice? Well, maybe! What kind of users does it depend on? If we are a game enthusiast or a sports enthusiast3D HDTVIt is the best choice! Because we can fully enjoy3DIt brings us visual enjoyment, such as playing3DGames, watching3DSports programs. What if we are a reader? It may be about t

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