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The WordPress login page style under the phone button

CSS file Login.cssBody, HTML {height:100%; margin:0; padding:0;} Html[attributes Style] {-webkit-locale: "ZH-CN";} User Agent stylesheethtml {display:block;} Head {Display:none;} Body {background: #f1f1f1; min-width:0; Color: #444;

WordPress Getting Started Guide-wordpress Installation Instructions _ Application Tips

It's not the latest, but it should be enough! The difference is that the Chinese version of the download here does not know why there is a direct wp-config.php 1, what is WordPress? WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL blog software, through it can

Site Building from scratch (vii) the perfect WordPress site

1, WordPress website front and back end commonly used language introduction and the operation processUsually a website is built in a way that requires a lot of technical support, especially in many computer languages. The construction of the site is

Cluster LVS-DR app WordPress (shared background MySQL storage)

In the previous blog, a Linux server cluster with LVS-DR mode was deployed, and the use of it was described in this blog post, and the experiment was done by deploying WordPress in the cluster.First, the deployment of experimental environmentFirst

Custom WordPress page method

If you have customized or designed a WordPress topic, you may encounter the following problems:How can we make WordPress pages have different la S or styles?By default, WordPress uses page. php to process the appearance of all pages. However,

WordPress directory File structure detailed description, WordPress detailed Instructions _php Tutorial

WordPress directory File structure detailed description, WordPress detailed description root directory |-wp-admin| |-css| |-images| |-includes| |-js| |-maint| |-network| |-user|-wp-content| |-languages| |-plugins| |-themes| |-upgrade|-wp-includes|

Building a Wordpress blog on ECS (4) Basic settings of WordPress

We have discussed how to install Wordpress. Next we need to familiarize ourselves with WordPress quickly and make some necessary basic settings. Before you start setting, we recommend that you click each option in the left-side menu bar to see what

WordPress index file structure

WordPress directory file structure description & nbsp; Root Directory & nbsp; |-wp-admin |-css |-images |-Des |-js |-maint |-network |-user |-wp-content | -languages |-plugins |-themes |-upgrade |-wp-inc WordPress Root Directory

The concrete realization step _php technique based on WordPress theme production

Copy Code code as follows: /* Create a MyTheme folder under the root directory-> wp-content-> themes to store a new theme template Create index.php in the MyTheme directory, style.css two files, you can see the theme you just created in

The function realization of each directory of WordPress

*********root directory**********1.index.php:wordpress core index file, which is the blog output file.2.license.txt:wordpress GPL license file.3.my-hacks.php: Defines an append program that is processed before the blog output. The default

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