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Download YouTube videos using Youtube-dl

YOUTUBE-DL is a script written in Python that can download videos from popular video sites. Under the Linux system can download YouTube, Youku, Tudou and other popular websites video, even some xxx station video download, such as YouPorn, Xvideos and so on. Here's how to use this.1. Environmental ConfirmationYOUTUBE-DL requires more than 2.6 python versions. Therefore, you need to confirm the version of Pyt

The basic technical architecture of YouTube allows users to build their own YouTube

YouTube will Release Make Web Developers Using its basic database functions is equivalent to allowing users to develop their own YouTube. On Wednesday, YouTube announced that it will open its large video library, global audiences, basic video hosting and stream networks. This is far beyond the current openness of

How to download video on YouTube? A tutorial on downloading YouTube videos directly

This procedure is very simple, do not need to install a variety of plug-ins, to carry out a variety of cumbersome settings. Open your computer, and then open your browser, the browser can be IE, Chrome, Firefox and so on Enter this URL in the, click Enter , enter this page; Open the YouTube video page you need to download and copy the URL of the page. Paste the copied URL into the Web site that you just opened:en.savefrom.n

Python GUI with Tkinter (from YouTube) can find many programming videos on YouTube ...

("Question1", "Do I like silly faces?") If answer = = ' Yes ': print (' 8===d~ ') Root.mainloop ()014:python GUI with Tkinter-13-shapes and Graphics#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-"Python GUI with Tkinter-13-shapes and Graphics" from Tkinter import *root = Tk () canvas = Canvas ( Root, width=200, height=100) canvas.pack () Blackline = canvas.create_line (0, 0, $, 0) RedLine = canvas.create_line Fill= "Red") Greenbox = Canvas.create_rectangle (+, fill= "green") # Canvas.delete (redLine) canvas . Delete

How to screen the first few seconds of the YouTube video broadcast ads

As we all know, each time in Youku to watch video, it will pop up a few 10 seconds of advertising, although it is understandable, but really affect their watch, so how can you deal with these problems? In fact, in the Win7 system, this problem can

30 methods for downloading YouTube videos

30 methods for downloading YouTube videos: posted by noknowon/August 12,: 27 AM/ Ant in the wheat field recommends 30 types of network services and software tools for downloading YouTube videos, so that you can easily download your favorite YouTube videos to your computer, this includes online download tools, software applications, and browser plug-ins. Download

Why does YouTube know what you want to see? The recommendation system based on the inverse of the algorithm paper

Why is it really just a coincidence that there is a steady stream of quality video and quality advertising on YouTube platforms? Why do users get stuck on YouTube, and how much effort has been made to study the details of humanity behind it? So massive data, how to accurately push to every right person. This article is the author of YouTube in the introduction o

Reverse the recommendation mechanism from YouTube algorithm paper

Last year, a research team from Google published a deep-learning paper on the YouTube referral system at the 10th Annual ACM Recommendation System Conference in Boston (ACM's Recsys ' 16): Deepin Neural Networks for YouTube RecommendationsThe author is Google's software engineer Jay Adams and senior software engineer Paul Covington, Embre Sargin, who showed the industry the deep neural network usage of

Panorama VR video outsourcing company: Long-term VR Panorama video outsourcing (technology sharing YouTube 360 Panorama video)

Although it's a bit late than expected, YouTube is finally supporting 360-degree video, which should appeal to VR enthusiasts. This January, Google said the feature will appear in the "next" few weeks. Now there are some panoramic videos on YouTube, and there will be more video in the future as the cameras go public. The 360-degree video is characterized by the ability to move the viewing angle during the v

YouTube Video Download Method tutorial

only English version. Website Name: Website Link: Use of teaching As mentioned in the previous introduction, users only need to watch a YouTube video, the site of the list of YouTube changes to Pwnyoutube (no case), will automatically jump to the movie download page, very convenient. The advantage of doing so is that you don't have to memorize a website name or URL, just r

How to use youtube-dl to download videos in Linux

How to use youtube-dl to download videos in Linux I know you have seen how to download the YouTube video. However, most of those tools use graphical user interfaces. I will show you how to use youtube-dl to download YouTube videos through a terminal. Youtube-dl

Tokens, YouTube's blockchain solution __ Blockchain

Original title: YouTube adpocalypse Gets blockchainsolution Original link: Original Author: Shivdeep Dhaliwal YouTube seems to be doing something interesting recently, and Forbes says the strange phenomenon is "revelation." Google's massive off-the-shelf video on

Google's YouTube is the first to achieve a synchronized show of web theaters

"NetEase Science and Technology News" June 4, according to Bloomberg reported that Google's video site YouTube to promote advertising revenue and achieve profits, will be the public release Besson (Luc Besson) of the latest film, which is the network and cinema for the first time to achieve a synchronized film. 5th YouTube will release the movie "Home", this is a Besson produced about the environmental pro

Uploading videos for 20 hours per minute. YouTube is killing itself.

A few days ago, the official YouTube blog declared that the number of original videos uploaded by netizens per minute has reached 20 hours. Industry analysts believe that a large number of videos have quality and piracy problems, and YouTube is "committing suicide ". In his blog, Zhu Ni, YouTube product manager, revealed that the video upload volume of 20 h

Summary of the main recommendation system algorithm and the example of YouTube advanced Learning recommendation algorithm

Summary of main recommendation system algorithm and YouTube Advanced Learning recommendation algorithm example by Zhuzhibosmith July 09, 2017 17:00 Nowadays, many companies use large data to make super related recommendations, and to increase revenue. In the massive recommendation algorithm, data scientists need to choose the best algorithm based on business constraints and requirements. To make it simpler, the Statsbot team prepares an overview of th

How to download YouTube, Tudou, 56 My Music network and Sina video files

Each video site's video address in addition to the computer's cache folder (local settings/temporary Internet files) found in, but also through a number of third-party services to extract the absolute address of online video files, so direct download. YouTube is the hottest, so there are many ways to download YouTube, there are several URLs can be directly extracted, input the current video address can be

Why is the reference code of video webpages on YouTube and qqvideo so complicated !!

Why is the reference code of video webpages on YouTube and qqvideo so complicated !! Video The reference should be simple and clear on the 56 network, and easy to modify: the editing of the 6 network is simple and easy to modify: I just edited the multi-point touch screen technology article for a long time, so I tried to copy 56 pieces of code !!, Although the Code of

Architecture for Youku, YouTube, Twitter and justintv several video sites

to Youku established a relatively perfect content distribution network (CDN), it is distributed across the country in a variety of ways to ensure that users in the vicinity of the visit-the user click on the video request, Youku will be based on the user's location, the closest to the user, the best service status video server address to the user, So that users can get a fast video experience. This is the advantage of CDN, the nearest visit, more information about CDN, please google a bit.This

Google CEO says YouTube will soon be profitable

"NetEase technology News" July 17, the Thursday, Google announced the second quarter earnings, the company revenue of 5.52 billion U.S. dollars, net profit of 1.48 billion U.S. dollars. Then Google CEO Eric Schmidt, CFO Patrick Pichett (Patrick Pichette) and so on attended the analyst meeting. At an analyst meeting, Google said YouTube would make a profit in the near future. YouTube will soon make a profi

Google agrees to buy YouTube (zz)

GoogleInc. agreed to buy YouTube Inc. In an all-stock deal worth about $1.65 billion, a transaction that will unite the popular video-sharing site with Google's online advertising system. Under the terms of the deal, which was expected, closely-held YouTube wocould at least initially retain a significant measure of independence, keeping its brand and offices. YouTube

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