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Zune xNa development (1, hello Zune)

Buy a Zune, Zune 1 generation, 2 generations can be, 4G, 8G, 30g, 80g can be. Download and install zunesoftware from www.zune.net, and upgrade Zune to firmware. For how to upgrade Zune, see related documents. Install Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition (or later) or Visual C #2008 express Edition Download xNa

XNa 3.0 preliminary -- deploy your xNa 3.0 game to Zune

Problem After creating and testing a 2D game on a PC, you want to upload it to Zune and run it. Solution A major new feature of xNa 3.0 is to support 2D games on Zune. Obviously, Zune cannot run xNa 3D because the graphics card on Zune cannot be compared with that on your PC.Program. However, the complete spritebatch

WP7 debugging error: Zune software is not installed.

I just learned windows phone7 development and encountered this configuration error. Record it here. Error message: Zune software is not installed Zune software is not installed. Install the latest version of Zune software. In this case, I tried to download and install Zune on the Microsoft official website as instru

Tutorial on deleting Zune synchronization settings and history

Tags: http OS AR for SP data Div HTML BS If your PC is synchronizing data to multiple WP7 mobile phones and you do not want to keep the synchronization information and settings of the previous WP7 mobile phone, let's take a look at the tutorial on deleting Zune synchronization settings and history. With this operation, you can quickly delete various settings, history records, and other information during synchronization between

Please put on your earphones to increase the volume and listen to these songs. The world is yours !!!!!

Please put on your earphones to increase the volume and listen to these songs. The world is yours !!!!!These songs are warm and have no metallic flavor. They are suitable for sunny afternoons and are leisurely...[Anaesthesia] Maximilian Hecker strongly recommends[Summer days in bloom] Maximilian Hecker![End of May] Keren Ann[Gotta have you] The Weepies is very special. I used it for background music.[I remember] I like to hear this song before going t

Welcome to the new world of Game Development-Zune game and micro game

(This article is a piece of idea, which is a personal record. But to share this with you, I will share it with you) Game development has always been my favorite field of exploration. In the past, C ++ was the primary condition for game development on Windows, and familiarity with DirectX was essential. The development of games on the console also had a series of specific APIs and engines. With the popularity of. net, some windows games are also being developed using. net. At this time, we can

Zune download installation using graphics and text tutorial

zune Download Installation Tutorial: 1. Double-click the installation package, install, pop-up Microsoft's Copyright window, click Accept to enter the installation interface 2. Prompt installer to be ready, click on the Installation button, you can automatically start the installation (Zune does not support the custom installation directory) 3. The program starts to install automatically. 4. Insta

Solve the problem that Windows 8 cannot install Zune

Dism.exe/online/enable-feature/featurename: netfx3/Source: X: sourcessxs CopyCodeRun the command as the administrator cmd. Some preparation work is required to run this command: 1. Insert an installation disk for Windows installation.2. If you are not installing a CD, specify the path. You need the initial installation media, which can be a USB flash drive, a virtual optical drive, or a hard drive path. Right-click the "command prompt (Administrator)" in the lower left corner, and we don't h

Xap installer Implementation of Windows Phone jailbreak deployment software tutorial Series

mobile phone-system-mobile network-data connection-off 2. Do not use WIFI or WLAN 3. Do not use Zune on a computer that can access the internet. If you use Zune, disconnect the network. If you do not understand it, unplug the network cable. 4. in software such as 360 security guard or QQ computer manager, the Microsoft Zune player or

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-local FM radio

. Using the static fmradio. instance attribute, we can get an instance of the fmradio class. The instance contains three read/write attributes to control radio operations on the mobile phone: * Frequency indicates the double type of the current playing station frequency. * Powermode, which can only be on or off. * Currentregion, which can be the United States, Japan, or Europe. The latter means "all regions except the United States and Japan ". Fmradio also contains a read-o

Windows Phone marketplace

main functions and usage of the software. For Chinese developers, if your software interface mainly uses Chinese characters, you must first describe them in English in the description and provide both English and Chinese descriptions. 5. keywords (easy for users to search, not much to explain) 6. app tile: software Icon. Three images of the same size are as follows: 173 × 173,99 × 99,200 × 200. The image size must be in the specified format, and the system will not crop the image for you. There

Windows Phone application deployment error code Index

Introduction: When deploying third-party XAP files, registering developer accounts, installing development tools, and other operations, we will receive some system error codes, usually hexadecimal numbers starting with 0x, few non-"professional" personnel can understand what it means. so, they can only use google, baidu, and other search engines to help understand it. The content of this article also comes from the Internet. However, the difference is: As described in this article, I will help

Except art 7720...

Network leakage, non-MS official release, no matter if any problem occurs... In the future, it is very likely that it will not be able to receive firmware updates from the carrier... Be careful when upgrading .... Https://memory.altibox.no/share.php? Id = l94d9nghy3j3nri7ukmgkglxqmsnqczs For steps, see: http://www.wpxap.com/thread-119548-1-1.html After downloading, you can see the following files in the compressed package: Clear all colors German... Bing automatic translation: Note: running t

Discussion about headset

Fever fish:Recently, some netizens often asked me how to renew my earphones. In fact, I have never been reluctant to deliberately hide a pair of headphones, because if it is done well, it is just a little faster to enter the status, such as hd600, it would have taken about two hours to get into the status every day. However, if you do not have a hard time, it may shorten the service life of your earphones a

Here are 101 reasons not to buy Windows Phone 7.5

flaws are inherent for Microsoft's mobile platforms, others come in comparison with features present in older Nokia phones and there's a humiliating category showing how many things Windows Phone can't do that even a feature phone can. one disclaimer Is that the missing 101 features listed are tested on Nokia's Lumia phones, allegedly bringing the best out of Microsoft's mobile platform. With no further ado, here they are: OS limitations1. No true multitasking for 3rd party apps-they re frozen

101 Windows Phone 7 apps Reading Notes-subservient cat

. To test mediaelement on the simulator, make sure it runs under the dark topic. But don't worry. This problem does not exist in the real machine. 5. mediaelement cannot render completely opaque effects! If other elements exist in mediaelement, you can view them clearly in the video, or even set the opacity attribute of mediaelement to 1 (the default value of this attribute is 1 ). This is an exception in merging between the Media Player of the mobile phone (rendering the video of

Windows Phone 7 smartphone application development overview

Windows Phone, the main tool for developing Windows Phone 7 applications can also use expression blend for Windows Phone, no matter which tool is used, you can deploy developed applications to a Windows Phone 7 simulator with simulated GPU (graphics processor-Graphic Processing Unit) capabilities for testing. Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone can be used to develop applications based on the Silverlight framework, xNa framework, and application debugging and encapsulation. Expression

Windows Phone's first update

Update Problems Two days ago, Microsoft was notified that it was preparing to make the first update on the 21st day of the US time. Due To nda restrictions, the message can only be published after today. However, this update does not contain Copy paste. The copy Paste feature has been added to the development tool in January and can be debugged on the simulator. ManyProgramIt is automatically supported without recompilation, unless textbox is placed under the panorama control. No matter

Take care of the registration form

Microsoft released the Zune 4.0 software the day before yesterday, and the new software was pretty good to use as a daily player in addition to the Zune HD sync. But in areas outside the United States and Canada, some features are hidden and can now be opened by registry modifications. * Win+r Run regedit * Find Hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\zune * C

[Android development FAQ-5] How to check the headset insertion status

Recently, I have been studying how to use headphones for some control operations, which naturally involves how to check whether the earphones are inserted. After some queries and experiments, I will summarize the following: 1. Principle: In fact, the android system will send broadcasts when the earphones are inserted and pulled out. Therefore, to detect the status of the

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