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Simple Site HTML File search program

The program writes itself to simply search for the technical information on your computer. The general idea is to look for the text in the specified directory, and then return the file name if it matches the keyword, and then display all the search

Hide any process, directory/file, registry, port

Find processes, directories/files, registry and other operating systems will eventually call Zwquerydirectoryfile,zwquerysysteminformation,zwxxxvaluekey and other functions. To intercept these functions for hidden purposes, you need to implement the

PHP Auto Update news DIY

When we browse some websites, we often see some news is just updated, if it is a manual maintenance, it will be a very cumbersome work. However, we can use the program to control the implementation of the update operation, things will become very

. NET reads the Thumbs.db file in the XP folder

Generally in the XP folder, especially in the picture and Video folder has a file-thumbs.db file. This file is used by XP to cache images and audio and video files, and with this file, XP opens a folder that saves a large number of picture files

(Assembly source code) the 808 Virus

The 808 Virus Here another virus from skism. It ' s a quick overwriting virus but You can use the source code to write your own viruses. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------; The SKisM 808 Virus. Created 1

Ways to prevent Access 2000 passwords from being deciphered

If you are overly trusting password protection for Access 2000 databases, you may suffer a loss. This is because Access 2000 's database-level password is not secure, but it is fragile, and even the following very small program can break

File processing functions for the API

CloseHandle Closes a kernel object. This includes files, file mappings, processes, threads, security, synchronization objects, and so on Comparefiletime Compare time to two files CopyFile Copying files

How to get the length of time a process runs

This article briefly describes how to use the Getprocesstimes API function to get how long a process has been running. The time value returned by the Getprocesstimes function can easily be converted into readable and available information. Refer to

Win7 system teaches you how to use Game Manager to manage games easily

Principle: Win7 Game Manager The default games are able to display the details of each game because the details of these games are kept in the registry, so we have to add a custom game to the game manager, and we have to modify the registry to

DLLs that invoke C # writes in stored procedures

Stored Procedures A problem with a transition filetime has been encountered in a recent project. Time is in C # in the Datetime.tofiletime write to the database, which in the stored procedure to determine the year and quarter became a problem, how

C # WinForm Next step to drag and drop files

Implementing a resource-like browser functionality in WinForm requires implementation to drag the files listed in WinForm out into other applications or drag files from other applications into the WinForm application. There are some articles on the

Get IE temp files in C #

As you know, when we visit a website. The system caches images, animations, and so on on this site to the Temporary Internet folder. We can access Settings\Temporary Internet files via :\documents and settings\\local. But maybe we didn't realize

Windows 7 Game Manager Usage Tips

Mention Win7 game Manager, you can integrate a number of games into a window and can fully display the details of each game, so it is very convenient for us to choose their favorite game to play. In the ointment, however, the Windows7 game manager

Remote download of PHP image (PHP100 forum)

      $pic = $matche _pic[1][0];//remote file path          $data = File_get_contents ($pic); Read the contents of the file            $filetime = time ();//get timestamp           $filepath = $_server[' Document_root ']. " public/". Date (" Ym ",

Use API to get IE cache files

Using System.Runtime.InteropServices; [StructLayout (LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet=CharSet.Auto)] public struct internet_cache_entry_info ...       {public int dwstructsize;       public IntPtr lpszsourceurlname;       public IntPtr

FTP upload and download with VB

Upload | download Option Explicit Public Declare Function internetopen Lib "Wininet.dll" Alias "Internetopena" _ (ByVal sagent As String, ByVal Laccesstype as Long, ByVal Sproxyname As String, _ ByVal Sproxybypass as String, ByVal lflags as long)

Windows 7 Game Manager

Mention Win7 game Manager, you can integrate a number of games into a window and can fully display the details of each game, so it is very convenient for us to choose their favorite game to play. In the ointment, however, the Windows7 game manager

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