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Using ASP to access various common type databases

Data | database   Summary: This paper discusses the method and function realization of using ASP to access DBF, DBC, MDB, Excel, SQL Server data, and finally gives an example of accessing Excel database by using the function provided in this paper,

Connecting to the database in ASP (connection string)

Connection Database | String One, the principle of accessing the database In ASP, the objects used to access the database are collectively called ADO objects (Active Data Objects), which contains three objects: Connection, Recordset, and command,

How to manipulate the database in ASP

In ASP, objects used to access databases are collectively called ADO Objects (Activedataobjects), which contain three objects: Connection, Recordset, and command, where Connection is responsible for opening or connecting to the database. The

Use ASP to access various common type database (6)

Iii. List of procedures ' The following programs are written in VBScript 3 DBF file is not a standard database file, only corresponds to a data table in the standard database file, so in order to use DBF file, put all DBF files in a directory,

Use ASP to access various common type database (3)

Data | database Function createsecuredmdbrecordset (database file name, datasheet name, or SELECT statement, password) Dim Conn,provider,dbpath ' Create a Connection object Set conn = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB. Connection ") Provider = "Provider=

The use of Funcky

The use of Funcky Zhang Jianji 01-6-26 04:31:30 Funcky is a PowerBuilder application library that provides 16-bit and 32-bit application libraries that contain a large number of underlying functions, eliminating the ability of developers to write

Use ASP to access a variety of common types of database (c)

Data | Database 2) Create a Recordset object with a password MDB database that is similar to a Recordset object that creates an MDB database without a password, but one more password parameter, that is, the password information must be given when

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