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MSSQL SERVER2000 Security Configuration Remove all dangerous extensions

The MSSQL SERVER2000 Security Configuration removes the SQL procedure with security issues. More comprehensive. Everything for safety! Delete the call shell, registry, COM component's corrupted permissions MSSQL SERVER2000 Security Configuration

LINUX crontab scheduled call Shell backup database

1, the system: the use of Linux crontab scheduled call Shell, the implementation of Rman [Oracle@db]$ crontab-l 0 1 * * 0/u01/bak/rman/script/ 0 1 * * 1/u01/bak/rman/script/ 0 1 * * 2/u01/bak/rman/script/ 0 1 * *

You can also use the Winsock control in YAI-VB5

A while ago, a name called Yai ' virus ' in our country noisy uproar, many unknown truth of the people Mysterious to him, but the essence is nothing more than a remote control software, but his The server-side program is very well hidden. In fact,

Using shell extensions to implement the source Code statistics program

First, the preface In the Windows Explorer window, we have seen software such as Winzip,winrar can add a few menu items to the default shortcut menu in a file or folder, which allows users to operate directly in the windows without having to go

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