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Adding e-commerce functions to websites is becoming more and more important. Whether out of fashion or practicality, this article introduces 22 of the most commonly used e-commerce systems in foreign countries, from simple shopping cart,
To the complete e-commerce platform, to the framework that can be integrated into a third-party CMS system, to the managed e-commerce service, there are charges, there are also free.

Lightweight E-commerce system

If you only want to simply sell a few things on your website and deploy a complete e-commerce platform, you will have a big problem. The following lightweight systems can meet this requirement.


It is most suitable for selling downloadable digital materials. Although it can also be used to sell tangible goods, pay attention to tax deduction and shipping.


Developed by e-junkie team, it is suitable for settlement services using PayPal and Google Checkout. You only need to put their code on your website and modify the product information.

Big cartel

It is suitable for designers and artists to sell their works online.

Open a shop in the Wordpress blog

The following products are suitable for opening a small store in your Wordpress blog.

WordPress e-commerce plugin

The most famous e-commerce plug-in under WordPress works perfectly with WordPress.


E-commerce plug-ins under WordPress, including many interesting functions, such as statistics, order processing, And customizable email templates.


It is not free, but it is easy to use. It is perfectly integrated with WordPress and has a good template tag document.

WordPress minicart

The simple Shopping Cart plug-in WordPress can be embedded in the post and used as a donation plug-in.

Shopping Cart integration in famous CMS systems

The following e-commerce products can be integrated into many famous CMS systems.

Drupal & E-commerce

Drupal has two specially developed e-commerce modules: ubercart & Drupal e-commerce.

  • Ubercart

    One of the two is the most user-friendly, with a dynamic community and many good features.
  • Drupal e-commerce

    This Drupal module allows you to create e-commerce applications on the Drupal site.
E-commerce for joomla

Virtuemart can be integrated into joomla! Open-source e-commerce platform, using Ajax technology.


Silverstrip does not need to be integrated into an e-commerce system. It is already built in.

Django webshop with Satchmo

Although Django is more suitable for developers than designers, you should know that Satchmo is a shopping cart program that can be perfectly integrated with the Django site.

E-commerce with Ruby on Rails

With the powerful functions of Ruby on Rails, spree provides an excellent shopping cart, built-in Google traffic analysis, and supports more than 50 settlement methods.

Open-source e-commerce platform

Although the following platforms are relatively complex and require a certain programming Foundation, they are the best e-commerce solutions.


Magento is the best open-source e-commerce platform with Advanced Statistics, customer group management, numerous settlement interfaces, and powerful management interfaces. The only pity is that its subject mechanism is somewhat complicated.


Pretsashop is a professional open-source e-commerce platform with many excellent functions and management interfaces.


An open-source shopping cart developed and maintained by an active community is easy to install.

Paid e-commerce platform

If you don't want to spend time on open-source systems, the following charged e-commerce systems are worth looking.


The price is reasonable and can be tried. It is suitable for users who are not technically competent.


Similar to shopify, it can help you deal with all background work of e-commerce, and can be integrated into almost any CMS system.

Managed e-commerce service

If you don't want to spend any time on technology, the following managed e-commerce services are suitable for you.


If you want to sell your self-designed T-shirts or coffee cups online, calendar or something, this service provider can help you print and ship a series of work, you just need to design it.


You can publish books on your own.


This is a service of Amazon. You can sell your books, albums, or photos on it.


Deviantart is a social network community where artists and designers can sell their work (a great place to find free materials online-translators ).


Source: http://www.designer-daily.com/22-ecommerce-platforms-to-sell-your-products-online-4957

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