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July 23, 2011 10:00 Japanese SEO well-known seo/sem expert Juyong came to Beijing SEO team Live, the theme is Juyong tell you he knew about the net Zhuan, Japan seo everything, this Juyong brought us an example is "If I want to do the site, how to profit, What's the theme "to share experiences with examples is really a very practical and persuasive method, and the scene with the user interactive collation."


Juyong (deputy leader)

Juyong's own Introduction: 2005 Japanese へ study してきました. Now the Japanese enterprise I in the career, clubs are all によるseo industry での Learning が began まりました. Special にヤフー 検 エンジンに impose する the most suitable を study んでおりますので さんとコミュニケーションしながら of Japanese-China cultural exchange を. ぜひご attend ください. Yi しくお willing to いいたします.

Chinese in Japan, 2005 years to study abroad, now through the 6-year, now in a Japanese company, because the work needs to start learning SEO-related knowledge, the Japanese SEO has a certain depth of understanding, Japan's National Association of SEO members. Committed to the Sino-Japanese cultural exchange platform for the construction of Japanese society has a deep understanding.

Juyong: I'm in Japan now, I have a goal, is the establishment of a large website between China and Japan, but what the theme of this site I would like to discuss with you, now many Japanese people are very interested in understanding the situation in China, and the Chinese, also want to know the situation in Japan, and now China's development environment is very good, Very famous in the world, are fried to do the Chinese concept.

Netizens: I think the website of women, female consumption is high, there is also a good tourism information provided, China and Japan and other countries, but how to say it, think the female side of the station is very difficult to do up, if the success of the words of interest is very high that is sure!

Juyong: Well, I don't think it's enough, but I need a lot of material to explode. For example, why Taobao things cheap, there are Taobao sell some strange things can be blown, of course, this is only one hand!

Netizen: Japan is not also have Kakaku, also use to explode the material taobao?

Juyong: Yes, but Kakaku only offer the price of the goods, only in reference value. And we provide information, all aspects of information. And the network of Things, lies in a hype means, information hype. How to do not main, see the result

NET friend: Also, 3721 made, also have no now Baidu, 8848 up every guest what also have no chance, Yinghai Wei has been in QQ estimate also gave way, to the topic, the intention to build a what type of website?

Juyong: I just want to study with you to build a website of what subject matter of course, my personal ability is limited, so have what good idea I want to listen to everybody's opinion, but let us talk about picture website first!

User: Image? What's the source of the photo? This should be done by protecting copyright. And that's how it's profitable. These are factors to consider.

Juyong: In Japan, a picture can sell thousands of yuan, China has a lot of photographers to take out the pictures, why not sell money, because there is no protection, but they want to sell but not the platform. As for the profit as long as you protect Good, magazine, News will come to buy, and we are only platform, do not provide anything, to build a photo between the Chinese and Japanese.

Netizen: I see, this I met, a lot of photographers to take pictures of the field to shoot model photos and sell, but sell photos of the site has a lot of, and this thing you operate well, others can quickly imitate, a lot of human and capital investment quickly beyond you calculated input? There are no angels involved, how to maintain? Our link is not to buy photos = = Arrange = = to our website = = = Customers to our website to buy pictures or download. What is the significance of such a station without directional traffic? How to recommend it, where is the money, where is the person? Where is the first batch of products?

Juyong: Well, your analysis is very correct, and the idea is clear and methodical. But what we sell is the picture, this is the key, so we want to make the policy, the server, the person piece fee, the promotion expense and so on.

Netizen: This stall is too big, there is also this kind of picture on the website to do well, the flow is very big, also will be very fast. But this will not be subject to local culture restrictions and influence!

Juyong: A word, from small to large, we are not afraid of competitors, fear is not united partners

NET friend: Of course, unity is no problem. Beijing Interactive is a very strong team in all aspects, you can rest assured. There is the actual exercise when the competition funds and manpower is far more than your words, not afraid

Juyong: Yes, so let's do a little bigger, start a small website, sell Japanese photos in China and sell it to the magazine news.

NET friend: Sell Magazine News This is very good first have to have a website, then add a picture, then advertise and then contact the demand business, but I want to sell the magazine news must be one-hand news, high quality, however, it is difficult to guarantee that the online reprint rate, too fast in China, copyright can be said to be useless, but I know that in foreign countries very respect for copyright.

Juyong: Yes, I can provide Japanese photos here, all of them are taken by themselves.

User: This is really good, there is no good mode, we are under discussion.

Juyong: I just want to study with you to build a website of what subject matter of course, my personal ability is limited, so have what good idea I want to listen to everybody's opinion, but let's talk about the picture website first! My idea is to make an information network,

NET friend: Make an information net? This is good, I also support, but, how to do this, and what can bring benefits to us, these words, I think you now at least a guide. Otherwise it's hard to believe.

Juyong: Yes, Japanese enterprises are now a lot of Chinese students, of course, also want to recruit the ability of the domestic people, this is a platform, there is the above mentioned image is also a platform. Japan now does not have a complete link to China's comprehensive web site.

NET friend: I think if we sell our country's things to Japan. That's what we're going to do now.

Juyong: Yes sell domestic information, for example we now discuss SEO, China's SEO status investigation these are selling points

Users: Who to sell?

Juyong: Sell our own, sell our SEO team

User: Can we represent the whole SEO industry?

Juyong: We have to make a positive attitude! It is often disappointing to be able to do things in a profitable way, our goal is not to make money, we build a website, set a goal, the goal is to make the site profitable and then everyone will work towards this goal so that we can succeed.

NET friend: Must make money, money all do not respect, still can succeed? or what do you think is the ideal now to be successful without the need for money? Get a net worth of 3, 50 million in Beijing. Which is to rely on the ideal to do, a few years old people will feel the success of faith, only successful people so fooled people, personally feel.

Juyong: The self-made are all by faith and perseverance I just rely on the belief that my boss is also. Faith must have, but it must be based on a reasonable material pursuit. I have too many people around me. Every day for the purpose of non-stop efforts to work more than 14 hours a day, that is the least time each day to progress one small step 10 days add up is a big step.

Friends: Faith??? Just put yourself in the actual operation to know how many people died in the road of faith

Juyong: That is because can not adhere to, we need to do is adhere to insist again! There are SEO is only means, the real is to make the site to achieve profitability I saw most of the people in Japan have grown up too many people are generally such a rule!

What do you do when you grow up? Service or product Yes, but you can't just see success. There are too many dead on the road.

Juyong: Yes. There's only a little difference between success and not success. In fact, the success of that step is the success of every day in order to set goals for their own efforts unsuccessful will only be said in the mouth, but not to do. So I think I must make up my mind to organize this time.

User: Then our next plan is to start the implementation, build the team, execute? Then look at the effect

Juyong: Well yes, I hope to see it soon is our hope and future, witness our achievements.

The above question and answer paste original link: http://bbs.bjteam.org/thread-28321-1-1.html for Juyong and Netizen Interactive discussion essence collation, Juyong is Japan National SEO Association member, hope his answer can give you dispel doubt. By the Beijing Interactive SEO Forum to organize the release.

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