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Now the site is flying, garbage stations are everywhere, SEO said to be a very simple technology, it is only relative to what doctor, math experts to simple, if you call a worker to do that is a complex technology

Okay, not that much. Now about SEO articles, online also wrote a lot of, but are some of the actual things can not touch, today I would like to talk about a useful thing, but also in order to let everyone BS those casually send a little article is called SEO technology! Today I mainly talk about the key words ~ Now as long as SEO people know the importance of keywords, but there are a few people know your own keywords how much weight, search engine is how to include your keywords, today we will mainly talk about the keyword Word segmentation technology.

First of all we have to do is to determine their own key keywords! take "talent net" "Talent Network" as the keyword metaphor! If you do not study the word segmentation, we may not see the difference, but if you put the search inside Baidu can be seen inside the problem, Baidu to "Talent Network" Talent Network "Two word participle out of the result is not the same, this is because Baidu has its own library thesaurus, search results we have seen the" Talent network "as a whole, not be split and" Talent Network "is split into" talent "and" network "two different words, Such people in search of talent network must be unable to find the "Talent Network" page.

Today I first of all, Baidu participle of the standard participle rules, here we will be "China set up 60 years" this keyword as an example

First of all, the word "China" appears first in your body. Then the keyword on the page "China's 60 Anniversary" will be divided into "China" "60 Anniversary", if so, the search for people only enter the "China" "set up 60 years" one of them to find your site, If the input is 60 years of China's establishment can not find your site! The point to note here is that if you are the "60 anniversary of the founding of China" This keyword, then you are the URL should appear with this keyword matching content, if the keyword in your URL has the words, Then your collection will have more advantages than no keyword matching!

I'm talking about a problem that doesn't exactly match the keyword, such as "China's 60 Anniversary", this keyword appears in the form of participle in two pages,

Page A only the first occurrence of the current participle is "China", this page has not appeared "60 Anniversary" of this participle.

Page B appears in the "China" "60 Anniversary" of the 2 participle, the text of the first occurrence of the current participle is "the establishment of the 60 anniversary." Although page B is in the exact case of the keyword match, but a page will be in front of the B page, here I just want to remind you the importance of the first half of the keyword.

A few days to say here, we see the head may be a little dizzy, if you can see that I wrote this article will definitely on your SEO has a great improvement, than those empty theory much better! If we feel useful words on the top, I have time to tell you the other cutting principle of participle! The location of the key words, Let everyone progress together.

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