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In the era of big data, how to use tools to get rid of the complicated data management and to gain insight into valuable sales information is the urgent need of every manager. Zoho CRM has been in existence for more than 10 years, and witnessed how customers in the industry have realized efficiency and performance improvement with the help of CRM. Similarly, a wide range of industry customers have explained that flexibility and high levels of customization are essential elements of the success of general-purpose CRM. Zoho will launch a more forceful free event in the near future, both for the industry customers from all walks of life, but also show that the company is determined to continue to pursue the field of online customer relationship management, to provide a more widely tested quality products.

The following is a selection of Zoho CRM use cases for automotive parts, private charter, life sciences, rooftop equipment, pillow customization and more, and shows how growth enterprises in various industries use CRM to improve efficiency and performance.

The world's top 100 auto parts Suppliers

In accordance with the company's own business in Zoho CRM customized a special customer information form. After visiting the customer, the salesman updates the customer information in CRM and records the problems encountered. This not only facilitates leadership based on the progress of the work, but also helps the customer service and Research and development department to make improvements to the product issues that customers often feed back.

China's largest email marketing service provider

Wiber Ponle (webpower) has been using Zoho CRM since 2009 to assign a large number of customer information to different account managers by rights. In addition to daily records maintenance, you can also directly in the CRM project quotation, contract production and delivery. For salespeople who travel frequently, Zoho CRM's mobile app can update customer visits at any time to view the status of AD service execution. With the development of the company, Webpower company has a large amount of business data, Zoho CRM Help, each department of the company each staff can quickly find their needs of data, more efficient, customer satisfaction is higher.

Private charter service Provider

Jethub Company uses Zoho CRM to customize the form, layout, label, set up automatic reminders, automatic assignment of customer follow-up tasks and so on, finally make customer service more perfect. Managers can be very clear all customer information and communication situation, while Zoho CRM meticulous data operation rights also ensure that the data is not leaked.

Foreign Trade Enterprises

Foreign trade enterprises in the promotion of products, development of customers, maintenance of customers to the final form of the process, produced a large number of data, such as lead opportunities, tracking records, inquiry quotation, customer data, product information, documents, correspondence and so on. Previously, the CRM system used by Wei Shi was unable to integrate with other software, resulting in the existence of separate software for the data. And Zoho CRM allows to integrate itself and many other manufacturers of excellent products, in the CRM can chat online, view Google AdWords results, bulk mail ... This greatly improves the efficiency of the processing business.

Life Sciences consulting firm

When the number of customers increased from two to thousands of, Proteomics Consult company chose Microsoft CRM to manage customer information. But the system setup was too time-consuming and costly, and instead chose the Zoho CRM that could easily set up and import data. They used to spend two hours a day figuring out which stage of communication with each customer, and with Zoho CRM, data and business progress at a glance, clear and convenient.

Dance training Institutions

CityDance Company on the basis of the use of Zoho CRM, at the same time using the Zoho Creator (application development platform) to create some of their own solutions, with Zoho Books (Online financial software) record orders and payment conditions, with Zoho Campaigns (email marketing tool) mass marketing mail, and all of which are integrated in CRM, but previously this requires several different vendor software to complete. Zoho One-stop turnkey solution considering most of the software needs of the enterprise, the company now runs 80% of its business on Zoho.

Rooftop equipment providers

From potential customers from the site into the CRM system, to the conversion of sales, until customer relationship maintenance, County Flat Roofing Company's all business management in Zoho CRM. They also use Zoho campaigns to manage email marketing because there are so many segments that need to publish different information to different customer groups. Since the use of Zoho CRM in 2011, business growth has continued to grow 20-25% every year, Zoho has played a big role.

Creative Pillow Custom Workshop

Deborah Main Designs Company every time to participate in the exhibition can get hundreds of potential customers, formerly hired to organize this information, now they use Zoho CRM to record customer information, on the phone to see what tasks to complete, follow-up customers, into a single, and even after the customer relationship maintenance, are completed in the CRM, greatly improve the efficiency.

工欲善其事, its prerequisite. From the above examples, we can see that effective tools can really help enterprises to improve efficiency, in the competition to stand out. Sometimes this is not only the choice of tools, but also a choice of management ideas.


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General-purpose CRM or industry-based CRM? -Custom-made King

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