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A domain name is the foundation of a website. A good domain name is self-evident in the meaning of a website.

Domain name query: www.net.cn

Expired domain name query tool: easy to name China www.ename.cn/domainfind.jsp

Alexa Traffic view: http://alexa.chinaz.com/

Domain Name and website name

Domain name is the first impression of people accessing the Internet on their websites. If someone else sees your domain name, they will think of what kind of website, prominent themes, industry and region it is. The first step is success. If the domain name is more concise, clear, easy to remember, and has a profound meaning, it must be a good domain name.

Good domain name and website standards:

1. The website name can be remembered through the domain name, and the website name can be entered.

A good example: Baidu www.baidu.com, the domain name is the Chinese alphabet, which is easy to remember and easy to input.

Example of poor performance: the post is easily www.teein.com. The domain name is a combination of English letters. Every time an error is entered, the domain name has to be queried in Baidu.

2. The character length should not be too long. It is better to be within 6 characters, which makes it easier to remember.

3. It is recommended that the characters in the domain name appear less than the letters away from the keyboard center, such as Z and X. This makes it easier for users to input.

A good example: Google www.google.com, input fast.

Poor example: Search www.zhongsou.com, it is difficult to input.

4. It is recommended that the characters in the domain name contain less letters with multiple syllables, such as W and X. when you introduce your domain name to others, it is very easy to read.

Although the keyword in the domain name does not have a great influence on the website ranking, it is best to include the keyword in the domain name if there are conditions. if the keyword is English, use a hyphen (-) to separate multiple keywords. Do not use an underscore "_". keyword groups separated by hyphens can also obtain more phrase search results. For example, www.madeinchina.com is considered to have only one word, medeinchina, made-in-China is regarded as a normal Made in China phrase.

Keyword appears in the website name, which has a great impact on the ranking. The more advanced the keyword appears, the more effective the keyword is. generally, the title of the homepage is the name of the website, which is equivalent to making an external link for your core keywords during the link.

Good Example: Mobile Phone home www.imobile.com.cn, website core Keyword: mobile phone.

Seo Association www.seo.org.cn, the top of the website domain name and name is the core keyword Seo.

Domain name suffix

There are many domain name suffixes, such as. com/.com.cn/. CN/. org/. net.

One idea is that, under the same circumstances, it represents the suffix of a non-commercial website. org and. net. COM has a higher ranking advantage. For Chinese websites, it identifies Chinese domains. CN and .com.cn are also less regional. COM has some advantages.

From the user's perspective: the user remembers a domain name, usually the primary domain name. The default suffix is. com, so no matter how many suffixes are registered, do not put it. com suffix registration to avoid traffic loss.

Negative example: shenglong technology www.shenglong.com.cn is a website for securities analysis. the suffix is. com domain www.shenglong.com has not been registered and has been attacked by others. This not only has a certain impact on the company's image, but if it is obtained by competitors, it will seriously affect your business.

Expired Domain Name

You may have been confused that the domain name you just applied for, and the website you just applied for, the search engine is not included. Why? This is because this domain name has been used before and is deleted by the search engine due to cheating. Therefore, if you give up the renewal, the domain name will expire and you will be re-registered.

Domain Name expiration means that the domain name has not been renewed after it expires. The Registrar will suspend the domain name, DNS will also stop Resolution, and the website will not be accessible. The details are as follows:

1. If you do not renew an international domain name after it expires, the domain name will be suspended, the DNS will be stopped, and the website will not be accessible. After renewal, the domain name will resume resolution within 1-2 business days.

2. if you do not renew your domain name after it expires in China, CNNIC will suspend your domain name, stop DNS resolution, and your website will not be accessible. After you renew your domain name, you will be able to resume resolution within 2-3 working days.

3. Domain Name expired: if you fail to renew the international domain name within 30 days after it expires, the domain name will become invalid. If you fail to renew the domain name within 15 days after it expires in China, the domain name will become invalid.

Optimize with expired domain names:

The use of domain names does not all give up because of cheating. Many of them fail to renew their domain names in time due to negligence of website staff or website collapse. it takes a lot of effort and effort to retrieve the lost domain name. therefore, renew your domain name in time.


Www.jeep.cn originally belongs to Beijing jeep Automobile Co., Ltd., and was snatched by Shenzhen Baibo Technology Co., Ltd. due to expiration.

Www.fm365.com was originally affiliated with Lenovo Group, and was successfully noticed by Cai Wensheng, webmaster of 265.com.

Some expired domain names have high value:

For example, if a website is closed due to poor management, and no one else has to renew its domain name, a large number of external links are established during website promotion, there are many pages included in the search engine, and the PR value is very high. This domain name has great value. If this domain name business is the same as your business, so you have gotten twice the result with half the effort in search engine promotion.

If you accidentally registered a domain name blocked by the search engine, please refer to: Search Engine fraud penalty to apply for a new content.

Domain name registration

Domain name registration procedure

1. Can I register this domain name?

China netcn http://www.net.cn

1. Have I used this domain name in the search engine?

Method: Take www.ttscj.com as an example.

Baidu search domain: www.ttscj.com

Http://www.baidu.com? WD = domain % 3awww.ttscj.com & C1 = 3

Google search www.ttscj.com

Http://www.google.com/search? H1 = ZH-CN & newwindow = 1 & Q = www.ttscj.com & 1R =

3. Check whether the domain name has historical records?


4. All the conditions are met. Please register now !!!

From the query to registration, do not take too long time, because there are fewer and fewer good domain names and more people register. If the delay is several minutes, the domain name may be registered by others.

Second-level domain name

The second-level domain name is in the form of yourname.site.com, instead of www.yourname.com. having your own independent domain name is the foundation for your website to be friendly to search engines. currently, many websites provide free space, such as free blog space, free enterprise space, free self-help website construction, and e-commerce platforms. Generally, users are assigned a second-level domain name, or the page is stored in a certain path of the website.

Disadvantages of using second-level domain names of others' primary domain names:

Explanation: The primary domain name is owned by another user, while the secondary domain name is yours. For example, www.supercss.com is owned by another user, and langchao.supercss.com is owned by another user.

1. If the primary domain name of the second-level domain name you use is punished, your website will also be implicated;

2. When ranking website traffic, all your traffic will be attributed to the top-level domain name on which your website relies. The default Alexa ranking is top-level domain name.

How can we avoid these risks?

It is best to register an independent domain name for your second-level domain name website and then perform domain name forwarding, which is useful for customer access and website management. even if the primary site of your second-level domain name is closed one day, you can create another website, because your independent domain name has not changed, and the old user can still find you.

For example: test.supercss.cn, hide the destination address: test1.supercss.cn. The above method is usually used for domain name forwarding.

Advantages of using second-level domain names of others' primary domain names:

1. You can use the resources of the primary domain name to quickly improve the ranking.

A. For example, cars are ranked first in the car channels of major websites.

B. It may take a while for most people to use blogs for ranking, mainly using resources of the main site.

2. Being a family with search engines makes it easier to get recognized.

A. Baidu space is a product of Baidu. content published in Baidu space can be easily ranked.

B. google blogger is a Google Blog system. if you use your website to apply for Google Adsense, you may be rejected. however, if you use blogger to apply, it is easy to pass.

Use your primary domain name to develop the advantages of second-level domain names:

1. When ranking website traffic, all traffic will be attributed to the top-level domain name.

For example, 9126.com is a free Domain Name System. Check its Alexa Traffic, which accounts for 23% of its own traffic, and the other is the second-level domain name traffic.

2. When a search engine is indexed, the second-level domain name is counted as an independent website, which can increase the number of indexed pages.

For example, when site: alibaba.com, the number of items included reaches 12100000;

Site: There are 3070000 items in china.alibaba.com;

Site: blog.china.alibaba.com, there are 414000 items;

Site: wzz331190.blog.china.alibaba.com, there is only one item.

This means that as long as you do not cheat, a second-level or third-level domain name can be indexed at least one page, and tens of thousands of second-level domain names will be developed, increasing the number of indexed items.


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