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When it comes to Black hat seo everyone is not unfamiliar, often listen to people talk about black adventure seo, what exactly is he mean? Simply speaking is in the search engine optimization industry, some do not conform to the search engine optimization practices, that is, cheating SEO optimization techniques, is unified as Black hat seo. Give people the first impression is often the site is punished, be blocked and so on a series of bad impression, but anything we should be divided into two to see, can not beat him, said that we webmaster friends should be a kind of attitude to treat black hat seo?


For example, some time ago I found a Taobao guest site, included 40, outside the chain of 900, to weight loss drugs, weight loss drugs, such as the list of many keywords have done Baidu first, and has been a long time, today's ranking slipped to the second place, But it is certain that this site if only through the white hat way is very difficult in the short term to optimize these keywords to go to the first place. In contrast to adopt black hat SEO means Baidu and Google's response: Baidu weight has been shown 5, and Google PR in a long time ago has been blocked by Google, it is not difficult to see, Google in the Black hat for the response means and measures to be far smarter than Baidu. Maybe a lot of friends will talk about how long the site will be down right will be sealed off, again have to do another website, saying that even if the site is punished, he may have earned a sum, the return on investment is quite high, the premise is black hat seo do not touch the moral and legal bottom line.

first, know black hat, do white hat

Although the theme of this article is around the Black hat seo, but it is not to encourage everyone to use black hat, because you only know black hat in the future work to avoid because of the use of Black hat technique and be down right, such as some novice friends just contact with the SEO when the background color with the same hidden text, may feel nothing, But as long as is found, the site will certainly be down the right to deal with, in fact, these are also the author inadvertently used, so know black hat can do white hat, of course, the site by K solution is also a lot, the premise is that you have to carefully analyze the reason of the site K.

second, the black Hat SEO bottom line

When it comes to black hats, there may be a lot of friends who are more impulsive because like us bloggers will often see our blog is a mass message to increase the site outside even, this is a model of the black way, plainly such a chain is not a high-quality outside the chain, this practice is also a lot of our friends despise, Light may increase the amount of junk information that the site deletes heavy will affect the quality of each other's site, or even cause the other side of the site is down the right to be closed, which is a relatively common problem, such as this behavior we should resolutely oppose and stop; there is also a severe means to use hackers to penetrate other sites plus their own site links, Like this behavior has become an offence, so SEO black hat means should never exceed the moral and legal bottom line.

third, the value of Black hat SEO

When it comes to Black hat SEO, I believe that with many people like me, to a certain extent, there is a kind of black hat SEO implementation means yearning, because know black hat seo means people often to search engine ranking algorithm to understand more in-depth, technology is very superb, through the search engine algorithm in-depth understanding of the discovery of its loopholes, And then through their own website to test, which in the search engine to withstand the range, which does not allow, as long as not to touch the moral and legal bottom line, Black hat SEO can also promote the long-term development of SEO industry.

Summary: Using black hat SEO technology can easily get rankings and traffic, easy and easy to make a quick money, but to take a high risk of being blocked at any time, so they use Black hat Seo method by the search engine penalty will not have to complain, they bear the consequences, because do black hat was punished is inevitable, The premise is to be responsible for yourself without affecting others, the purpose of this article is to let some novice friends of the relatively comprehensive understanding of black hat SEO, reasonable use of black hat SEO, their own responsibility, resolutely stop those who violate the Black hat seo moral and bottom line of the implementation of practices, and common maintenance to create a Pure Land SEO industry.

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