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July 9 Morning News, everyone game announced today, will donate 10 million yuan to Tsinghua University, with the latter's psychological learning together to build a "behavior and with large data laboratory" (referred to as BBD Lab). This laboratory will mainly study the network virtual Community Psychology and experience economic psychology and so on, for the future game design and development of people to provide psychological theoretical support.

It is understood that BBD Laboratory's recent specific application project is "everyone mood index." This is a research based on the real happiness index of social networks, blogs and microblogging communities, which provides a theoretical basis for emotional psychology and happiness events, which are designed and implemented for data crawling, analysis and application.

"Game world is a virtual society, there are a lot of psychological behavior problems." Everyone's game has a very professional large data team, but we found that only through data analysis can not solve the above problems, we must combine the sociology, psychology. "In the press conference, everyone game CEO Hochang described the reason for building the lab."

Everyone's game also publishes the staffing of the BBD Lab. Hochang with Professor Peng, head of Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University, as honorary director of the laboratory. Professor Cheng of the Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University and chief data scientist Chen Jidong, director of research and development for everyone game technology. Tsinghua University Psychology Department professors, PhD and everyone game technology and large data team leaders will also be in the laboratory to engage in research work.

BBD Laboratory will be in the network virtual Community Psychology and experience economic psychology and other aspects of long-term research. Tsinghua will use psychological theory to analyze the data of a large number of players ' behavior data, verify that there are sociological theories and put forward the new characteristics of virtual society. The game will also use the theory of consumption and experience psychology to improve the game design and improve the user retention rate.

For the commercial value of the laboratory, Hochang says "it will generate a lot of money this year" and "the sheer volume is unimaginable". Chen Jidong, chief data scientist at the game, says the experimental project of BBD is biased towards practical applications rather than purely theoretical research. These applied research results can be quickly put into play and generate commercial value.

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