190,000 people to buy the overlord Frozen capital 70 billion super 417 times times difficult 1 people 1 hands

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Overlord International (1338) yesterday closed for public subscription, although the market was early expected to its popularity, but also did not expect oversubscribed up to 417 times times. As if to return to the golden age of new shares overnight, money has been unleashed. This time, more than 190,000 people subscribe, a new high since the tsunami. Ming Pao, citing people familiar with the matter, said the unit had a big chance of pricing 2.38 yuan per share, but it was hard to guarantee a single person's allocation. and recorded nearly a hundredfold over the purchase of the Qin FA Group (0866), yesterday has determined the ceiling of 2.52 yuan pricing.  The economic daily reported that Overlord had recorded a total of 200 "head hammers", that is, 200 large households with a maximum limit of more than 84 million yuan subscription. To talk about a year since the largest number of new shares, Overlord deserved the first.  The financial tsunami weakened investment will, everyone to cover tight pockets, until recently the new stock market sagacity. In addition to the Overlord, the second best performance is the completion of the 361-degree share offer, the number of people on the table is over 40,000, but it is only five of the Overlord.  And it was a good reaction. China's metal Renewable resources (0733) and Ruijin (0246), the number of subscribers is only 20,000 and 16,000, not to mention less than 500 of the number of poetry days (1008) and Asian cassava (0841). The Ming Pao reported that a group of overlord dealers had expressed surprise yesterday and did not expect the market to be so hot. When asked why? He smiled and replied, "Maybe it's the celebrity." Wang Fei, 1, a spokesman for Overlord, yesterday responded to the Ming Pao by asking questions from the manager, who also said that he was happy with the IPO. After a while, think of the 07 new stock tide, the number of flying to hundreds of thousands of, last March, the listing of the Chinese Railway Construction (1186), there are 800,000.  Unknown overlord, the number of other new shares will be climbing. The sale part of the 417 times-fold excess of the Overlord, the international placing part also recorded 40 times times the purchase. Underwriting group said yesterday that the stock cap pricing opportunities. "Go Round", since everyone wants to, people familiar with the situation said, overlord one hand allocation is not possible. Not only overlord, even 361 degrees and QINFA, market news also means that one person is not guaranteed.  QINFA yesterday fixed a cap of $2.52 per share. Overlord, QINFA, 361 degrees have been closed to the public offering, now see the first day of the listing performance. The first listed among the three stocks is the 361-degree Chinese sporting goods manufacturer, which is scheduled for next Tuesday (June 30). And the shampoo business overlord and coal transport business QINFA, will be listed next Friday (July 3) together. Recently listed several new shares, including Asahi Resources (0067), Gold Renewable (0773) and Hing Lee Holdings (0396), the first day of increase of up to 20%-40%.
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