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January 30, by the new marketing value of the Exchange platform topmarketing joint close to hundreds of advertising marketing experts jointly launched the "2014 of China's new marketing rewards" in the Beijing Hunan Mansion grandly held, more than 300 well-known enterprises marketing executives, media celebrities, academia elite together, a common theory " Big data, Big idea "big marketing" under. By Ma elder sister to provide food sponsorship of the 2014 China's new marketing big reward is the year before the Spring Festival before the last industry big ladder, but also the marketing industry's only forum Exchange, award appraisal, case appreciation as one of the interactive exchange platform! is the marketing industry for the first time through the on-site display, on-site assessment, on-site tickets, on-site lottery, such as the full public way to reveal the grand prize. Grand rewards include the toptalk of the morning field, the topshow of the afternoon field and the Topawards three links. Toptalk includes lectures and round-table interactions, the top 19-bit marketing communications industry will be a different perspective for everyone to analyze the surface of marketing and the inside, show the great creative sexy and big data shock. Topshow includes 4 gold case shows and a creative marketing product show, after which is to detonate the exciting point of the TopAwards2014 China New Marketing awards ceremony. At the "Big Marketing" forum at the top of Toptalk:19 's eyes, new media research field scholar Professor Chen Yongdong published "New Media era of innovative thinking" speech, he believes that the current "Internet thinking disorder, needs to be combed and upgraded:" Roughly can be divided into five levels, the basic thinking , content thinking, product thinking, market thinking and management thinking. Professor Chen made a detailed analysis of each level and combined with a large number of examples, the participants were enlightened. Another academic representative, University of China Communication professor, director of the Institute of Investigation and Statistics, Shenhao shared his views on data value, data marketing value and consumer insight: "Human behavior 93% predictable, data science allows us to more and more from the data to observe human behavior, human society complex behavior patterns." Data based technology determines the future of marketing, but not the data itself, but the increase in the number of available knowledge from the data. The Forum also set up three round-table interactive links. The theme of the first round table is "the marketing value restructuring under the social Storm", interactive holding group President Deng as an expert chair, the deputy director of the brand center Liu Xiang, Rui Yi Heng Media founder Shen Pillars, Innovative interactive vice President Li Yinghai, Beijing Mutual win digital marketing company Chairman Tili Four guests to participate in the discussion. Guests generally believe that at present, the main two social marketing platform-micro-bo in hot manufacturing and follow-up, there is still some value, micro-letter spread is very limited, the future of the enterprise should be to the service number development. "Fragmented mobile marketing under the interaction of" the issue was chaired by the original Internet weekly vice President Xuming, 6 participants in good products shop Food Group strategy vice President Zhao, Friends of Friendship Vice President Ding Yuqing, Easy Media Vice President Gao Zhao, NetEase MarketingGroup deputy general Manager Miao, drip taxi brand director Hu Jiachi, Easy Interoperability Products Vice President Shangan together to discuss programmatic purchase, O2O, lbs and other hot topics. "Entertainment and the big video wave marketing industry opportunity" is the last round table interaction, under the Blue Cursor brand training camp founder Ban Li, MA elder sister food brand planning director Yang Xubao, Shanghai drama star Communication CEO and drama star think tank general manager Hu Yuan, the founder of the media and CEO Liqing, Yang Zongling, general manager of the century, discussed how to improve the accuracy of entertainment marketing and other hot topics. Topshow:4 Big Gold Case peak duel, creative Marketing product site sharing in the afternoon is a big reward of the play-the entire grand prize PK. The award received a total of more than 400 declarations of materials, there are 4 super cases from the fore won the gold medal, is the Archie art of "the United States," said the "wonderful flower" content marketing innovation, Hubei Liang goods Shop Food Co., Ltd. to select the "Eight anniversary of good products shop-tens of millions of fans red envelopes", Phoenix the "Philips Medical" , as well as the door interactive "Suning easy to buy face Double 11 integrated marketing case." That afternoon, the head of the 4 projects came to the scene, launched a wonderful fierce ultimate pk. They first shared their own cases, then accept the questions of the judges, and finally through the Lingping, Trishizhen, Yang Xubao, Hu Yuan, Fang Lijun, Han Shifeng, Zhangli, Zhaozhaojiang, Xuming, Zhang Zhihong, and other 45 marketing experts to vote on the site, "Suning easy to buy face Double 11 integrated marketing case" stand out, Won the full award of the award, received the sponsorship of the 40,000 yuan to provide the full prize. According to Topmarketing co-founder and strategy director Cao introduced: "The past grand jury review often need to balance the various interests of sponsors, in such a traditional game rules, the industry is apt to fall into the" bad currency expelled good currency vicious circle. New sharp marketing to try to do some changes, the real case review of the right to review, and in all the contestants under the supervision of votes, on the spot results. At the same time, instead of accepting sponsorship to avoid success, the award-winning companies were given cash incentives to find real "good Chinese cases". As the final assessment of Beijing Mutual win digital marketing company Chairman Tili to this kind of Mano full public assessment form given a very high affirmation, "there is no unspoken rules, everything is transparent, all the contestants want to superior only one way: excellent strength." Yang Zongling, general manager of the century, also served as a grand tour of the final review, he said: "In the organizers set the rules of the game, participate in PK Four cases of brilliant, unique, so that all the review before the light, harvest a lot of dry goods, this in the industry similar exchange activities are rare. "After the full award of the Creative Marketing product show Link, Cool coo/co-founder Park brought a representative of the future trend of products-cool lock screen ads." It is a unlock mobile phone screen can make money of the app, after installation sliding lock screen interface, you can access the site,Download the app, or open one of the app's interfaces directly. This product model allows harassing people's ads to become useful and even interesting information, and to bring benefits to the user, really make advertising into a "part of life." The last link set off a great climax-the award ceremony. Grand Rewards awarded the "Entertainment marketing, social marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, event marketing and integrated marketing" in the six major areas of the new marketing top Case award, as well as people's awards, corporate awards, tool awards and many other awards. including Durex, Jingdong, Tsingtao Beer, snow beer, smart, beetle, Tide, bi-Lang, Ford, Lenovo, New Hundred-LUN, Wanglaoji, Pulse, Lakara, ZTE and other more than 40 enterprises have reaped gains. TOPAWARDS:2014 China's new Marketing awards List of people: 2014 Chinese marketing leaders 2014 China marketing leader figure Tai Xiaojie Internet Movie Group (IFG) 2014 China marketing leader Figure Zeng Xuzhong ZTE Co., Ltd. 2014 China marketing leaders Guo Weihai new ideas Interactive 2014 China marketing Leader Wu Juan Shanghai Levin Public Relations Company of the Year Black Horse Enterprise Chang think advertising the most cooperative value marketing services company Internet Film Group (IFG) the most cooperative value marketing services company innovative interaction the most cooperative value marketing services company has the door to interact with the most cooperative value marketing services company Chuan Yang Technology the most cooperative value marketing services company Poly-SI Media brainmed IA Most cooperative value Marketing service company Shanghai Levin Public Relations Tool category most technical innovation marketing products (tools) Transmission Technology Program Trading framework programmaticframework™ the most technical innovation marketing products (tools) Beijing Wireless Internet Advertising Co., Ltd. NVIDIA micro-credit background system the most commercial value of micro-letter public account economy Observation report New Media cases Big Video marketing type pplive cohesion PPLive & Tide "Incense Theatre" cooperation case Shanghai opera star Culture Communication Co., Ltd you're including-slow-yan Shu lemon green Olive buccal tablets Phoenix Ford wing-fun Hand "fun" Chinese New Year Archie Yi Gui long slow yan Shu Lemon "passion with drama" Video Marketing Verawom hongxing 11 promotional "Love is Within reach and" phoenix-to The Times Ahead II Archie Art of the United States, "The wonderful Flower said" content marketing innovation Qingdao Beer Co., Ltd. Qingdao Pure Health Sunshine season, You're going to live your life. Youku Potato Group never thought of interactive patch social marketing class can be easily branded institutions "China is listening" #听就听星的 #, ZTE Weibo topic build Shanghai Gong Sheng Hotel Management Co., Ltd. 99 Hotel sleeping goods competition verawomnewbalance Anglo-American series ∙ Creative Beijing Wireless internet Advertising Co., Ltd. ThinkPad service number of micro-letter products Marketing Solutions new interactive Dongfeng Honda Civic (Civic) Innovative mobile phone mini-site Beijing Wireless internet Advertising Co., Ltd. Harvard professor visit to the crane activities social media promotion Shanghai Lai Media PR China Hotel Group "all Mad for Money"Integrated Marketing Rui Yi Heng The beetle do your own show out of your optimism food Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Renren Maxwell: Shannon upgrade, Emotional upgrade Post Easy Teein pulsating Chinese Festival lick Screen competition Benefit-dimensional interactive snow beer Yong ran the earth challenges not peak event propagation Events Marketing Class 360 company Micro Interactive 360& "Transformers 4" joint marketing blue Cursor digital marketing agency Lake Fish Jing Dong First sell Preheat socialization marketing pplive the duck Neck " Fresh fragrant Spicy "addicted to the World Cup marketing case La Calaracala World Cup social marketing case benefit Dimension interactive Li Ning Soup cup from media dissemination of technology taste thousand: The World Glory" thousand "Move My Heart pplive, Herbal & PPLive World Cup cooperation case can easily brand agency Changhong Chiq Intelligent Refrigerator IPO case Phoenix Guangzhou GAC Chuan-qi original marketing, shape the first brand image of the bus mobile marketing category Ferring Network "code" on Uniqlo ad Platform "" Amoy on the Road " Mobile promotion case Beijing Austrian-American PR smartboconcept Special Edition micro-letter selling car wisdom to create unlimited Durex Sdoudou Radio Archie Art Ford Wing Tiger "Counter Time Trip" Innovative Video marketing Phoenix Huawei P7 Pink Boudoir Teein Skin Spring Mobile SOCIAL-CRM industry innovation practice Hubei Liang Products Store Food Co., Ltd. Eight anniversary of the good products shop--tens of millions of fans red envelopes Shanghai Levin PR All Seasons Hotel "speak" Two-dimensional code T-shirt Creative marketing know about publishing marketing Entertainment marketing class Pizza Hut "Pizza Hut Korean take you to travel" poly-si media brainmedia "contemporary celebrities and the Golden Age" series of micro-film new ideas interactive Dongfeng Yue Tatsu kia K4 "Beautiful map" Phoenix Ping An Bank "small Business Big Dream" Video marketing Archie Art Wang Old Kat decipher the tip of the "balance" can easily brand agencies IBO "Where's Daddy going 2" network transmission wing payment in the micro-interactive wing payment & "one step Away" joint marketing Archie Yi-sik village show "Love of Cherry" Interactive micro-film Beijing Kang Bell Food Co., Ltd. Love Interactive wave integrated marketing category Blue cursor digital Marketing Organization # Beijing East selling Lemon # Lenovo K3 The first spread of orange technology "sit better Today" Brand integrated marketing pplive, and the integrated marketing cooperation case of e-wave laundry coagulation beads m point 3 digital marketing advertising company car-sharing platform year-end celebration social marketing Archie Art Philips V-store "Innovation for You" video Marketing transmission Yang technology safflower lang easy interoperability across the screen, Depth Insight-Beijing modern DSP cross-screen integration case benefit-dimensional interactive milk power Phoenix Citic Hananiah: Don't do it. Human-Dimension Interactive five-grain tequ "99 Countries Ping Cheer Regiment" network theme marketing case Category Gold 2014 China new marketing top case • Gold Phoenix Philips Medical 2014 China new marketing top Case · Gold Archie Art of the United States, "a wonderful flower" content marketing innovation 2014 China's new marketing top case Gold award Hubei Liang Products Store Food Co., Ltd. Good products eight anniversary celebration--tens of millions of fans red envelopes case class Grand Prix 2014 Top cases of China's new marketing-full-door interactive suning easy to buy face Double 11 integrated marketing case
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