2,084 years of Future city scenarios depicted by French designers

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According to foreign media reports, 70 years later, the city will become what the world, French artists have begun to outline the future of the city, in his picture of the city with towering skyscrapers, flying cars in the air, industrialization in the future of the city reflected vividly ...

In the imagination of French artists, Paris and New York have lost a variety of beautiful gardens, boulevards, replaced by tall and gray skyscrapers, industrialization is the embodiment of the future city.

The picture shows the development of industrial civilization to the extreme situation, the great metal World "hangs over" the New York Times Square, it seems that the future is not like this, but the artist believes that with the advance of industrial civilization, cities will be "occupied" by more metals, if the utopia to describe the future of a better city life, Then this scene should be a dystopian scenario, the huge Industrial age architecture became the city's central landmark.

The images come from French designer Paul Chadeisson, who is currently working for an entertainment gaming company in Paris, France, where the future cities will be designed with a "Remember Me" action game set in the background of 2,084 years of Paris, The main plot of the game is to enter someone else's memory and tamper with the memory. Although the artist's background is 2084, it is still possible to see many dilapidated street scenes.

Society's rich and poor polarization is more serious, many people still live a poor life, huge neon lights, urban flying cars, robots, unmanned aircraft constitute the modern and backward scene. The reason for these images is that artists still retain some of the magnificent buildings and famous cafés of the 17th century, which are easily overlooked in future metal-ruled cities, and we can still see the past cities in dilapidated cities.

In the "Remember Me" action game setting scenario, the game player can buy, sell, and deal with their memories, so the city background uses a lot of future architecture and classic building design, and the future city is more dense, a large number of modern buildings flooded with the future city, Low-income people live in old buildings, which show the magnificence of the past.

The future society described by French designer Paul Chadeisson is also a society full of surveillance, where future flying cars and robots can be seen everywhere, a reality that future citizens may need to accept the fact of being watched. The picture shows a picture of drones and robots crossing the city and the streets.

The huge space ship is a bright spot in the future world, this kind of machine can float in the air of the city, almost think this is a miniature city, above has the living area, the flight runway and so on the facility, can satisfy the partial population survival demand.

In this image, the designer describes the peak of future urban development, many cities have towering super buildings, the following world is almost invisible, and even direct access to the near Earth orbit.

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