360 Mobile phone Assistant: Beware of Shanzhai game hidden deduction fee Trap

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New Year's Day holiday, there must be a lot of people choose in the winter lazy sunshine nest on the couch playing mobile phone games, to pass the holiday time. But recently, 360 Mobile Applications Research Center found that some malicious games after the user installed successfully, collect mobile phone serial number and other privacy information and upload to the server, and then to buy props and game coins in the way to induce users to send text messages, and intercept http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/ aggregation/34499.html "> Custom service feedback information, so privately customized a variety of deduction business, to the user to bring property losses!" In this respect, 360 security experts advised users to download the game when the choice of 360 mobile phone assistant security of the third party market.


netizen "Small lingling" on Weibo complain, said usually not how to use the mobile phone, that is, to play games for children, mobile phone bill inexplicably did not, and then went to the Business Hall query only found that the custom of many businesses, the original is a child to buy props in the game when the custom.      In fact, some game props charge is not expensive, but some malicious mobile phone games, in charge of props at the same time, but also for you to customize a large number of SP business, resulting in a large loss of phone bills. Figure 1: Beware of the game's deduction trap

According to 360 security experts analysis, such a disorderly deduction of mobile phone games will recommend users to send text messages to buy the game of gold coins, props and other virtual items, and actually sent is the SP business custom text messages, while shielding service provider feedback message, the deduction fee behavior is very covert, users are usually mobile phone owed only wake. In addition, this kind of application also collects the user handset IMEI, APN and so on information, hidden privacy leakage risk.


up to now, 360 mobile phone assistants have verified 140 of the balance of disorderly deduction of mobile phone games, of which the "Pet Kingdom 4-Platinum", "The Unique", "Swordsman Spring 20,000 Sword", "The margin of 2" and other popular games impressively in the column, because of the current application of market chaos Many malicious developers will embed the debit program into popular games.      In this respect, 360 mobile application Research Center personnel recommend users, must be in a safe and reliable application platform to download applications, such as through 360 mobile phone assistants and other well-known Third-party application platform, from the source to avoid suffering from the deduction of the game. Figure 2:360 mobile phone guards on the deduction game to make tips

  At the same time, 360 security experts also for how to distinguish this kind of malicious deduction game to give users a few strokes. First, users can install mobile phone security software, 360 mobile phone guards can be accurate volley malicious malicious application; second, in 360 mobile phone assistant download after professional verification, plus V Certified official genuine games, to avoid encountering Shanzhai version; third, look at 360 mobile phone assistant for mobile phone application security analysis,      Cautious download the existence of the application of sensitive rights such as pay, 360 mobile phone assistant professionals will regularly check the software, major malicious acts will be directly under the shelf, to ensure the use of security users. Figure 3:360 Mobile phone helper to provide secure mobile game download
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