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The price is 0 yuan, each month also free gift business, so give the SIM card you have seen? Snail mobile 170th section of the new product "399 free card" 11th 12 o'clock Noon Open an appointment, the card is currently priced at 0 yuan, while providing a package of mail, and a monthly free 100M per month for the national traffic, 40 minutes of voice! National users can log on the snail company's hand platform "free Shop" (app.snail.com) to participate in appointments, surprises should not be missed. (Figure 1) 0 yuan surprise price, to the user the most affordable "399 free card" price of 0 yuan model, is from the vast number of users of the 265853 votes finalized, it broke the communications business in many traditional tariff patterns. In addition to free 100M per month, 40 minutes of voice, "399 Free card" also includes no package, 0 rent (excluding caller ID), the margin of two years not clear zero characteristics. If your users have more than one part, you can get more voice and traffic for free in the future by participating in "store free" activities. And before the 999 card-free, "399 card-Free" name is also the embodiment of the product itself, from the comparison of tariffs, even the original price of "399 free card" also does not lose in the three major operators, and the current price of the card is low to 0 yuan of the surprise price. In this respect, snail mobile responsible Explanation: "High value and low price in sharp contrast, our idea is to give consumers the greatest benefits." "In addition, compared to other virtual operators launched the 170th," 399 card-free "tariff model is enough to bright eyes. Take a few larger resellers to see, they put forward some innovative tariff concept, not like "399 free card" so have the great imagination of breaking the conventional, and in the extent of the benefits of "399 free card" also comparable more let. Many people care about the snail mobile profit model, the industry analysis that the future snail may be 170th segment of the business and its own game products more fully integrated. Reservations + snapped up, get "399 free card" Only two steps are understood, this appointment deadline to June 16 noon 12 o'clock, the total number of reservations no limit. The person in charge of the above introduction, the appointment of successful users can be snapped up eligibility. "399 free card" snapping time to determine the June 17 noon 12 o'clock, the number of limited, grab the end, snapping up successful users can get the Exchange "399 free card" M code. The intention of the user can now pick up the mobile phone, landing snail Mobile official website (www.snail.com) Download "Free Store" (provide Android, iOS two versions), Login-free store after the specified period of time to make an appointment operation. After the appointment is successful, you can wait until the 17th open snapped up. Snail Mobile Responsible Introduction: "We will be based on the number of subscribers, to determine the number of snap out of the card, the larger the reservation, the end of the user snapped up places will be more." "Snail Mobile flagship virtual operation" Free "brand, the 170th segment of the product as" card-free ", intended to pass the concept of" free "to allow users to enjoy a more affordable mobile communications business. The first of the card-free seriesTheme Products "999 free card" main voice call free of charge, a market will be popular with consumers, and "399 free card" is in the price of 0 yuan on the basis of free to allow users to enjoy a certain amount of business every month. In addition to the two-card-free products that have been identified, the snail mobile future will also introduce more affordable card-free series products, it is worth looking forward to! It is also understood that in the "399 Free card" open appointment on the same day, the snail moved to participate in the 2014 GSMA Asia Mobile Communication Expo and announced the acquisition of domestic first-class mobile phone hardware manufacturer Rui Gao, the future will be introduced for the game user-tailored online gaming machine. Hardware terminals will be with card-free, store-free business combination, will promote the snail mobile resale business to hardware and software integration of all-round development of the road.
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