3D cartoon "Super Villain" won the North American box-office champion (figure)

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"Super villain" poster of the New Society, Los Angeles, November 14 (reporter Zhang Wei) 20th Century Fox produced thriller "Dangerous Speed" (unstoppable) this weekend did not staged an unstoppable box office offensive, DreamWorks produced 3D cartoon "Super Villain" (Megamind) continue to lead  , the North American weekend box-office champion. Into the middle of November, the North American film Market is getting better, big production turns to play. After last week's animated blockbuster "Super villain" release, another budget nearly 100 million dollar thrilling blockbuster "dangerous Speed" grand release.  The film was directed by Hollywood director Scott, starring Oscar-winning Denzel Washington and New Generation star Chris Pain. "Crisis speed" on the first day of the box office results exceeded "super villain", but then was overtaken. Three days on the weekend, "Crisis speed," a total of 23.5 million U.S. dollars, compared with the cost of production, the start is flat.  Although the premiere box office is not bright, but the audience's reputation is good, rotten tomato website 87% of fans like the film, the film on the IMDB site scored 7.1 points. "Crisis speed" adapted from a real story, about a load of dangerous goods train in unmanned state runaway racing, more than 70 miles per hour of the crazy train is about to enter the city with hundreds of thousands of people, a car wreck of the big accident to see at the speed limit of 15 miles in the corner, two train pilots come forward,  With superhuman courage and experience to finally successfully stop the train running, to avoid a catastrophe. Last weekend, begun's animated cartoon "The super villain" continued to be courted by young fans this weekend, with a three-day gain of 30 million dollars at the box office, down 35% from the weekend and a box-office winner. Movie box office similar to a dream factory on a cartoon "Taming the Dragon", suction gold trend steady and durable, so far North America's box-office nearly 90 million U.S. dollars.  But next week, with the release of the magic blockbuster "Harry Potter 7", "Super villain" will be tested. The comedy "Due Date" produced by Time Warner Due 15.5 million dollars this weekend, the third place in the box office. Global film's low-cost sci-fi movie, "Horizon", was premiered this week, winning 11.7 million dollars, ranking fourth, and Skyline's comedy "Morning Anchor" (Morning Glory) premiered only 9.6 million dollars, ranked fifth in the box office. Finish)
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