5 Big reasons for the total failure of social games: greed, lack of social interaction

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In many of the games put into the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/1560.html ">facebook platform, only a few of the great glory, the rest eventually become unknown." But why is this happening? In this area, it's hard to predict, but here are the 5 big questions we've summed up in the works of failed social games.

1. Lack of a clear glance

Facebook users have limited attention spans. Again, most of them are not gamers, so they don't know a new game like hardcore gamers by reading blogs and reviews--social gamers are usually on the rise. Any concept that is difficult to understand or that cannot be explained by a single sentence is often a lack of feasibility (game State Note: No matter how ingenious and creative it may be). If players need to read a lot of text to grasp the content, then most of them will lose interest before the end of the guide.

2. No understanding of platform features


Facebook is the world's largest gaming platform, but first it is a platform for users to interact with friends. As Triphawkins: Facebook is a very casual platform, and its users don't have the time to focus on the game. They usually use just 3-5 minutes of 1 days to view their friends status updates or upload pictures, while viewing their own games. Many successful social games allow players to achieve satisfaction in less than 5 minutes. Wooga's Hot "diamonddash" and other Facebook casual games are a 60-second-round pattern. Although it is feasible in some cases, social games, which often require too much time and input, will ultimately be difficult to base on in this platform.

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