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At present, most of the domestic web site needs to rely on the support of the chain, outside the chain is also very hard to do a thing, do a good job is really helpful to the site, if not well then will bring a reverse effect, high weight outside the chain is through the link to get, or one-way links. The following Quanzhou SEO collection and collation to do the basic method of friendship links.

First: Website PR value

About viewing the PR of the website is to check whether is true PR value, some PR value is not true PR value, only guide true PR value to lead out the link quality is good. With the PR relatively high site connection difficulty is very big, if you network connections are very likely to be able to find a link to your station

Second: The same IP is not connected

is a lot of novice webmaster most easily overlooked place, did not query the other site's IP is consistent with their own site IP, quanzhou seo and Fuqing seo, Fujian Encyclopedia, the three stations Zerouliu are choosing a different server for future links.

Third: Outside the chain to be indexed by search engines

Check whether the other side is Google or BD included snapshots, now BD for the new station is included relatively slow, if the other side of the site in Google performance is good, can also be included.

Number four: Home links

Friendship links are best not over 30, if the other side of the site is very high weight then 50 is acceptable range, if a station weight is not high export links have 30 are to the low weight of the site, then the export of 30 of the quality of the connection will not be very high.

Page adjustment to be directed

Generally do not link to jump the page, if the other side is doing 301 directional ok if it is doing JavaScript, jump JS, Cache, Ghost page, hidden links, frame page best not to link, then meaningless friends chain.

Sixth: Linking hyperlinks

Suggested link text link, if is the picture link best needs to have the ALT attribute.

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