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Absrtact: Twitter is showing a strong 4% rise in the stock market today, amid rumours that Twitter's incumbent CEO Dick Costolo will leave next year. As of the end of the transaction, USD 38.44 is charged per share. Familiar with Twitter watchers

the growth of users

Twitter is showing a strong 4% per cent rally today on the news of Twitter's current CEO Dick Costolo, who is rumoured to be leaving next year. As of the end of the transaction, USD 38.44 is charged per share.

Twitter-savvy observers blame Costolo for the sluggish growth of users, saying that Costolo is at best an operational CEO without product foresight.

WSJ said earlier this year that some investors had been disappointed with Costolo, which could explain why the share price of Costolo's departure rose. In addition, Costolo is popular among some employees, and he is likely to stay until the Super Bowl--like the World Cup--the Super Bowl usually means the revival of Twitter's user activity.

The stock price of a row plunged

The December 11 in Nasdaq completed the IPO, the issue price of 13.5 U.S. dollars. The first trading day of the stock rose 25%, the market value of the MO is also close to Sina Weibo reached 3.2 billion U.S. dollars.

However, starting from the second trading day, the stock price of Mo Mo began to enter the long downlink channel. December 18 first fell below the IPO price. Shares tumbled 13% per cent today, below the 11 dollar mark. If the next trading day continues to decline, the market value will fall below 2 billion U.S. dollars.

At present, there is no official evaluation of the current stock price, and did not make stock repurchase, such as the corresponding measures to save shares.

Apple will turn off ITunes connect during Christmas and developers cannot submit apps and updates

Starting today, Apple's official developer service, itunes Connect, will be temporarily closed until December 30. It was one months ago that Apple informed the developer by email. Because they want a holiday! Holiday! False!

The temporary shutdown of itunes Connect during this period will also affect the App Store, Mac App Store, and ibooks Store, and developers will not be able to access itunes Connect and submit any applications, books, app purchases, or price changes.

If the developer submitted the update before number 22nd, but yesterday did not pass the Apple App Store audit, I am afraid that the new feature will be online until next year.

Oracle Acquisition Advertising Analysis company Datalogix

Oracle has announced a formal takeover of Datalogix, an ad analytics firm, to help track and analyze which ads can most effectively transform consumer purchasing power.

Datalogix is a cloud based market data acquisition and analysis solution Provider, founded in 2002, to achieve the highest return on investment by targeting more targeted advertising to the audience. Oracle's acquisition of Datalogix not only harvested a large number of valuable data, but also enhanced its cloud services content.

Oracle did not disclose the specific terms of the deal, and media estimates Datalogix's purchase price is about 1 billion dollars.

Uber face huge fines in trouble in Taiwan

Taiwan's Transport and Communications department, 18th and 19th this month, issued a warning to Uber, saying that Uber's operations in Taiwan violated Taiwanese highway law and, at the same time, worked with the Taiwan Economic Affairs Department to try to stop Uber's taxi booking service at Taiwan, It is also thought that Uber hiring drivers without a driver's license could increase the risk of passengers.

So far, Uber has not stopped its presence in Taiwan, a move that has led Uber to face huge fines and further regulatory scrutiny. Uber's fine is already up to NT $2.55 million, and in addition, there are 1.65 million NT fines for Uber hiring drivers.

Uber's foray into the Asian market has not been very smooth, and Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore are reviewing the legality of the car-rental booking service offered by Uber in India as a result of a halt in the driver rape case.

Google launches new features, search results can directly display lyrics

Enter a line of words on Google, and the search results will be able to present all the lyrics as cards directly.

This feature comes from Google + users ' feedback, the lyrics are derived from the company's play music, so when a singer releases his new album or music with lyrics, you can find it directly in the search engine.

But at present, not all songs can be found directly through Google, such as "How Soon are now" this song can be found lyrics, but "Deceptacon" will not be found.

Starbucks stops using Square's mobile payment service

According to the Wall Street Journal, Starbucks has stopped working with U.S. mobile payment service provider Square's mobile payment business. Since last week, consumers have been unable to use square's mobile phone to pay for the "wallet" Wallet.

Starbucks is meant to support its mobile payment applications. Currently, the app is being tested. Consumers can use the Starbucks app to finish ordering before they get to the store. This application will support Starbucks ' consumer loyalty program.

Square was scheduled to deactivate wallet in the first half of next year. The actual time is ahead of schedule. And square will no longer continue to support the transfer of order information from the wallet to Square's new next orders. Still, square and Starbucks did not completely stop cooperating. Square will continue to deal with Starbucks ' card and credit card payments business in 7,000 U.S. chains.

Google completes the first unmanned vehicle prototype

Google unveiled its first prototype unmanned vehicle in Monday, a vehicle that was very different from the first disclosure this May, but the version is already fully functional. (Before the prototype before the lamp can not even work)

The new prototype has some subtle changes in appearance, most notably the polished parts of the car that help Google unmanned vehicles get software guidance.

Google also revealed that future unmanned vehicles in some places will also retain manual controls, such as airbags and car brakes, to meet the local DMV rules in California.

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