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In order to avoid the risk of inflation, the second generation of 87% people optimistic about stocks, 38% of people optimistic about futures, 10% of people will invest in property a "buy luxury housing inflation second generation into tens of millions of villa owners" news recently on the Internet widely circulated. Does the rich second-generation really need to fight inflation? What is the attitude of the second generation to the current economic situation?  In the fourth quarter of 2009, a thousand-person survey was carried out by Tian Yue Rui Culture and Cultural Media Group (of which the rich second generation accounted for 47% of the entire survey group and entrepreneurs accounted for 30%), and 94% of the rich second-generation had no sense of inflation. In the survey, the FU second-generation not only includes the children who are familiar with the rich, but also the young people who were born after 1978 years, the total assets of the family were over 3 million yuan, and the parents paid the million yuan in a single month.  Most of the entrepreneurs and professional managers involved in the survey came from private enterprises. Why the 94%-second generation has no sense of inflation "I've been talking about inflation in the news recently, but I really don't feel it." "In Shanghai, a Japanese company to do trade Zeng work more than a year, the economy has not been completely independent." She never counted one months to spend how much money, sports cars, the cost of the house are all open shoes factory parents out, "their salary is pocket money, and friends go out to play are AA, very little care who spend how much money." Moreover, I think there are many people who eat and shop, and the financial crisis and inflation cannot be seen. The price of oil has gone up, and I won't care if I go for gas.  "The survey showed that 94% of the rich second generation did not feel inflationary pressure, performance in their daily consumption, education, entertainment, there is no obvious sense of inflation, in traffic 35% of the rich second generation of the evening taxi price is only" some feeling. "  In an interview with China Youth Daily, Bingbin, an expert on middle-class experts and financial critics, said that the second generation was less aware of inflation because of their low participation in basic living, their consumption in entertainment and education, and the dominant consumer of basic living. "Inflation has little impact on the rich. "About two years ago, Hurun and I said, ' a rich 3 million dollars a year is enough," said Jing Yi, executive director of the Hsacapital business incubator. Therefore, if a person has 10 million yuan, 100 million yuan, inflation for him is nothing but a number problem. But for people who are not rich, inflationary pressures can be high. "The survey found that among the three groups of the second generation, entrepreneurs and professional managers, the most obvious ones about inflation were professional managers: 64% felt no significant increase in income, and 75% per cent said that spending on electricity, coal and food was increasing.  Although entrepreneurs have the lowest pressure to spend on life, they are more concerned about the cost of purchasing materials and operating inflation: 53% per cent worry about the cost of capital goods. In a recent survey of 121 academics and entrepreneurs on inflation, 52% of economists and entrepreneurs believe that we are facing clear inflationary expectations, but inflation is not yetTo。 "As long as the CPI system is not changed, China will not have inflation for a year." "Yixianrong, director of the Financial development Room of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with the Chinese youth daily most people must hope that the cheaper the better, the survey data only shows a sense of inflation, many people do not understand what inflation is," house prices are not in the CPI statistics system, the proportion of coal and water is very small, The major impact is food. In fact, the price of Chinese agricultural products has been small, if the food prices such as price rise, the Chinese economy will be better. "87% rich second generation of preferred investment stocks to avoid inflation last month, once Zhen from the mother took 200,000 yuan to fry, this is her first" market "," a friend said now is not a good time, but I think the timing is not important, it is important to buy which stock. " "For the house, once Zhen is not very enthusiastic," the city did not see like, the suburbs are too far, there is suitable to say. Investment, the stock is simpler for me, the capital is not much. "King one is more willing to call themselves" create second generation "," I now do angel investment money is all their own earned, currently cast two portal. " If we invest in life, I think there are three types of investment: "Real estate, most of the money should be stable value-added, so we have to put a lot of money on the property, do not make it flow, and make it secure." But the current market, the function of the real estate value is greater than value-added, the second is the value of gold or art. I firmly believe that the spirit of collection in troubled times hidden gold, but to appreciate the art is required eyesight; The third category is some relatively stable private equity. Most of my friends around me have made some fund contributors, because these two generations, less is the professional and experience, please professionals to manage more appropriate, the last 28 split. "The survey showed that 51% of the people who participated in the study had no fixed jobs and 24% of the people's main income came from investment."  To avoid the risk of inflation, 87% of the people are bullish on stocks, 38% are bullish on futures and 10% are investing in property. Bingbin said that in the investment, the second generation of more value game and growth of more promising stock and futures trading. For them, the biggest investment in tangible assets is property, but the general buying power is in the hands of their parents. Rich second-generation more interested in their own feelings of the house, and will not have more consideration of the price rise and fall, see like the house, even if the price shocks again, will buy.  They don't value gold very much. The survey found that 60% of entrepreneurs are keen to speculate on real estate against inflation.  It is noteworthy that the age of 45 years old, ~60 years old, family assets of more than 3 million yuan of middle-aged rich, the purchase of gold awareness has been strengthened, in the 1-month survey time, nearly 3 adults have to buy gold behavior. "Entrepreneurs are not sensitive to changes in the pace and pace of investment, but they are most sensitive to inflation." "At present, many entrepreneurs are investing in Bingbin, and they usually choose to grow more and become more internationalized," said Li.City, nearly 40% entrepreneurs say they want to buy international plots. For example, the entrepreneurs of Jiangsu and Zhejiang like to invest in Shanghai town Center plots, Huangpu River on both sides of the mansion, north and northeast entrepreneurs favor Beijing CBD area real estate investment.  They hope to find a path of cash preservation in real estate, which will cause a lower rise and fall in future due to the fluctuation of policy. In an economic half-hour survey, 53% of economists and entrepreneurs choose to invest in property if inflation is what you think is the best way to manage money.  The next sequence is: Pauling (20%), buying Gold (17%), Stock (13%), and buying insurance (6%). "Investment is a matter of personal preference, and no theory can analyze what should be invested." "If you want to invest, Yixianrong more optimistic about stocks," the key to choose a good enterprise. "93% of the rich second-generation optimistic about China's economic development next year" next year's economic trend is certainly rising, I feel this year's economy is a U-shaped state. "Jing first told reporters, before the international financial crisis last year, the domestic investment industry is very enthusiastic, the crisis, some companies no longer exist, some companies barely survive, so he felt the economic crisis is the disaster of the rich is not too much." After a year of hard times, Jing Yi feel that the investment industry is slowly returning to the international financial crisis before the state, "everyone's wallet becomes fragile, but the nerves are stronger, the market confidence next year." "This survey shows that 93% of the rich second-generation optimistic about China's economic development next year, of which the positive people accounted for 57%."  At the same time, 94% of the rich second generation thinks China's economy affects the world. Yixianrong expects GDP to grow by more than 10% next year, and "4 trillion of this year's investment, there are a lot of potential will be gradually released." Bingbin that next year's national economy will focus on expanding domestic demand and preventing inflation. In the case of the rich second-generation, they are now more emphasis on consumption, if they can stimulate consumption to consider more than the second generation of factors, will achieve a multiplier effect. "With the development of China's economy, the number of rich second generation is gradually expanding, the state to develop consumer-oriented can not ignore the second generation of the button, now should study the trend of rich second-generation consumption, such as where they like to buy a house, like what kind of consumption, like what type of products. The nerves that have been allocated to their consumption will affect the whole of the second generation of consumption and have a positive effect on the expansion of domestic demand. "The survey also found that 74% of entrepreneurs are worried about the economy next year, with 40% of those who think there may be risks and problems." In contrast, professional managers are more bullish on economic growth (63%). Bingbin said that the entrepreneurs ' worries are mainly rooted in their own sense of worry, their trading decisions on social resources in the longer term, but also can see entrepreneurs and professional managers for the future development of enterprises not enough communication, entrepreneurs would like to make their own decisions at the key point of the crisis. For professional managers, the current economic prosperity is enough, as long as the production and operation of enterprises is very stable, professional managers will have anFull sense.  From this angle, can also see the business situation. "We also found that 83% of the people who participated in the survey did not manage family business and family finances," he said. Bingbin said that this will lead to rich second generation wealth management and growth capacity is limited, the growth of family wealth technology decline. In fact, the international financial crisis is also an opportunity, the rich second generation must understand the truth of Zuochishankong, must understand how to become strong, not necessarily with the same old father, to keep pace with the times.
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