A brief talk on several key elements affecting search engine optimization

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Text and picture elements

Text more pictures is not necessary, but considering SEO, this is indeed the best choice. Search engine crawling is text instead of pictures, user search Word is also text rather than pictures, so the picture is only as 1 embellishment (some of the web except), some web in the process of doing the station unknowingly took a little picture, so really do not friend search engine, remember to master this big principle, Just even rarely pictures.

II. Disposal Penalty speed element

Google has already appreciated the emergence of the web opened the speed will affect keyword rankings, for Baidu, I believe that the assumption that the spider to crawl the words still have to wait half a day, that will not give too much weight. Turn over the speed of the other 1 sweetness that is for the user, we hard to do demonstrates, pull 1 customers cost is very high, the Bureau due to the speed of the topic and the customer flow will be a very regrettable.

Tags application elements

The impact of the label should not be underestimated, 1 biased labels for the search engine is commensurate with 1 of the genial outraged words 1 people impressed, so the web in various locations operating the label of the impact of the fire is very large, like the home page about bold, like the article Heading 1 to operate the H tag, Like 1 of the long tail words of the operation italic or deepened color, so that about 1 set level to reveal the user and search engine, these words and the differences between the masses. Although this is 1 small details, but the group, the meaning of extraordinary.

Iv. Internal chain discipline elements

Why is this an internal chain of discipline? Because of the 1 of infrequently operated links to operate nofollow shielding, this can be effective weight loss of discipline. The assumption is small web, then the topic is not big, assuming that a slight range of major stations, then these do not have much to use out of the whole station link is to occupy the weight. In addition, the external link is trivial to mention, this is the key to beautify the 1 central elements, 1 pages to beautify 1 keywords, in other places 1 dan present this keyword back to the page URL, which is 1 a typical example of the effect of the chain landscaping.

V. Dynamic elements of the trail

Web site URL1 Straight since whenever a critical style, different styles of the URL to include a large impact, is now the search engine against dynamic, but the assumption that too many parameters, the end of the weight must fly, so in the circumstances of the opportunity to 1 must be a good URL to beautify 1, even if they do not, also big invite people to do, This is a must, and as the web pattern becomes more and more, you will be familiar with the dynamics of the paths that are so unfavorable.

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