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The main reason to write this blog is because this time my English blog often hit the wall, write an analysis, also as a summary of their own warning. Content for the king, link for the emperor. This is well-known, as bloggers, users and search engines to "please", if the balance is not good, the blog will be "poisoned." Since no blog to have a stable flow of the blog process involves too many steps, light promotion methods have n, which effective fruit, which did not effect. It is easy to mess up the horn, which ultimately leads to the inability to adhere.

Blogging is a similar process to learning new skills, and there is a "sense of accomplishment" that accompanies the whole process. Simply put, is to see progress every day, "traffic" is the embodiment of the way. OK, now come to the point, writing ideas as follows:

1, choose a good theme, in order to interest as a prerequisite for writing, from the point of view of sales, it is best to write life consumption and so on. Make sure you are an expert in this niche, or an avid enthusiast, why should you have these conditions? Because these are important elements that you can stick to. In this process, in order to be able to better provide your "professional" to the reader, often need to cooperate with pictures, audio and video.

2, communication and exchange. To the relevant blog or forum message, answer one of the questions, preferably dofollow, this can increase the PR value. This is a quick way to get a lot of friends to your blog at an early stage. This phase does not need to consider keywords, all content-oriented, fully interactive with the reader, encourage the subscription of your blog.

3, adhere to a period of time, began to submit articles to the authoritative website, can increase the exposure rate and the chain, targeted at the long tail of the layout of the key words to write, that is, the formal process of SEO, why this time to start SEO? Because after the last stage of preparation, I believe that your blog has reached a certain number, more importantly , I believe that the reverse link and PR value have been improved, ranking relatively easy a lot. In this way, both can be balanced.

Above just mentioned the forum, blog, article market 3 kinds of promotion methods. Other questions and answers market, web2. 0 Social Bookmarks, etc., are interspersed with their own preferences. On the premise of gradual and natural. When the blog to write a certain number of articles, and then to exchange links or submit a directory, efficiency is much higher, then everyone else would like to exchange links with you.

Why is it such a step?

Because this is relatively simple to carry out, but also to ensure that each link has a flow, even in the initial stage. If the traditional way, whether it is a valuable blog or worthless blog, the beginning of the N to promote the use of methods, often difficult to adhere to, I have a deep experience. In short, the specific stage has its inherent promotion methods.

The beginning of the registration domain name, if you want to quickly include your blog site within 48 hours, do not submit to Google or Baidu, but by buying or your former high PR value site, do link or submit to the article market, authoritative website. In this process, can be published to the article market, foreign such as ezinearticles.com. Note, however, that it is important to ensure that your article is included in the search engine before submitting the publication, lest it be mistaken for copying others, although it is your own, but Google is not smart enough to that extent, at least for now.

The above is basically written in English blog, Chinese blog is not to mention. My previous ideas are just simple translation of the article, at present, to write "imparting" knowledge of English blog. With the development of image search, video search and personalized search, netizens can control the search results later, so it is very necessary to have a really valuable article. At present rely on a large number of collection or a large number of vulgar translation blog, rely on SEO to obtain a great flow of good profits, it is estimated that the best will not be long, such as Autoblog plug-ins and so on, such as all based on the number, thousands of thousands of such blogs. Maintenance is also enough energy. Said so much, or according to their own expertise, such as professional, write a valuable content of the blog is the right path.

Worldwide, High-yield blogs are based on commentary, imparting knowledge rather than simple information classes, and opinion in the field of blogging for money. Therefore, it should be some collection, mass and so on to avoid. To do the correct analysis of their own positioning, not all products are suitable for you to promote, and spend time in improving their related skills, such as reading ability, writing skills, as well as the needs of the reader knowledge.

Welcome to the communication, your experience is what? My blog http://blog.hfh88.com

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