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This year since the acquisition of the banner of the single blindly (002219, closing price of 19.40 Yuan), and new moves. Yesterday (September 12), only to release the announcement that the company to its own funds 11.8 million Yuan Bss Sambo Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Gem Hall) 100% Equity, officially into the field of health care. The bulletin shows that the Gem Hall for a franchise production of green food, health products mainly private High-tech enterprises, there are currently Ji-Zhen Sambo brand six series of products in the market. However, the daily economic news reporter through the State Administration of Food and Drug Supervision website found that the current Gem Hall has only a "Ji-zhen gem brand Lin Frog oil vitamin E soft capsule" in February this year to obtain health care products lot number. In addition, the gem of a variety of products in Alibaba [Weibo], Taobao [micro-blog] store sales are not satisfactory. Premium 50% of the purchase of health products company yesterday, alone blindly announced that September 11, the company and Wang Yuliang, Sun Honghong, Wang Renxiang 3 people signed the "Equity transfer Agreement", the company's own capital of 11.8 million yuan to let the Gem Hall 100% Equity. The bulletin shows that the Gem Hall registered capital of 9 million yuan, is a changbai mountain rich specialty resources, based on scientific research, development, production and sales, specializing in the production of green food, health care products mainly private High-tech enterprises. The company to research and development of High-tech content nourishing health care products as the focus, has developed a Ji-Zhen Sambo brand six series of products, including Forest Frog series (Ji-zhen gem brand Lin Frog oil vitamin E soft capsule), Deer Products Series, ginseng series, Ganoderma series, Blueberry Series and mushroom products. Beijing North Asian Assets Evaluation Limited Liability company issued an evaluation report, the July 31, 2013 as the base day, the Gem Hall net assets of 7.7369 million yuan. According to this calculation, alone blindly this 11.8 million yuan purchase price premium rate is 52.51%. Alone, the gem has a certain growth potential, the acquisition marks the formal company into the health care sector, which will become the company's new economic growth point. Gem Hall financial data show that its 2010, 2011, 2012, respectively, the realization of operating income of 5.1391 million yuan, 9.4783 million yuan, 4.1186 million yuan, to achieve net profit of 483,700 yuan, 720,200 yuan, 125,100 yuan. "Alone is clearly optimistic about the gem of the specialty resources and health products, which is the main reason for its premium 50% acquisition." A pharmaceutical industry analyst told The Daily Economic news reporter. However, the analyst pointed out that "the domestic health care industry is not good to do, the lack of well-known brands difficult to open the market, unless willing to throw money." "Alone also frankly, the health care industry for the company is new to enter the industry, in the implementation process may exist market demand, product competitiveness, management and management, market and other risks." Only to find a product has batch number in addition to the above health care products industry risk, alone blindly also face a variety of products in the Gem Hall of the market risk of no health product batches. Gem Hall Alibaba Shop profile shows that the companyThe main products for nourishing health products, including Forest Frog series, deer product series, Ginseng series, Ganoderma lucidum series and mushroom products. But reporters in the State administration of Food and Drug Supervision website found that February 18 this year, the Gem Hall application of "Ji-zhen gem brand Lin Frog oil vitamin E soft capsule" received health food approval number "national food health Word G20130091", valid until February 17, 2018. It is noteworthy that this is also up to now only one by one of the Gem Hall has health care products lot number. The Gem Hall Alibaba Shop shows, only Ji-zhen gem brand Lin Frog oil series, its sale goods on amounted to 12 kinds, including the Rana chensinensis oil soft capsule and the forest Frog Egg drops the blood lipid soft capsule two kinds. In addition, deer embryo soft capsule, blueberry soft capsule, deer Whip soft capsule, Ganoderma lucidum robe powder Soft capsules More than 40 kinds of products. According to the "Health food management measures", where the claim to have health-care function of food must be approved by the Ministry of Health Review, after the provincial Health Administration Department of First Instance, reported to the Ministry of Health for approval, access to the "Health food approval certificate." The reporter noted that the Gem Hall in Alibaba sells the product introduction all emphasized its health effect. For example, "Ji-zhen Sambo brand Blueberry soft Capsule", the company stressed that scientific research a-linolenic acid with blood lipid, brain and can improve learning memory, anti-aging function and prevent heart disease, Alzheimer's function, is the health-care function of unsaturated fatty acids. "Market-approved health care products need to have health-care products logo, which is commonly known as ' small blue hat ', no health care product approval number, consumers are hard to convince and choose to buy." "Chongqing, a pharmaceutical listed company Dong told reporters. It is worth mentioning that the Gem Hall on Alibaba sales of the best "Rana Frog Oil soft capsule" This July only sold 1 orders, Taobao 30 days also sold only 2 pieces. Under the Great Leap Forward hidden main business growth weakness in addition to dabble in health care products, this year alone tentacles also extended to medical services, toothpaste, such as the day of the field, and its "Great Leap forward" strategy hides the weakness of the main business growth worries. Half-year report showed that the first half of 2013 alone to achieve operating income of 312 million yuan, growth 88.71% from a year earlier, to achieve net profit of 104 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 202.06%. The market is puzzled, alone in the first two years, the performance growth is smooth, its 2011, 2012, the year-on-year increase in revenue of 2.64%, 9.67%, net profit growth of 8.16%, 3.26%. Blindly said that the revenue growth stems from the medical products, medical services and toothpaste revenue growth, including pharmaceutical products mainly from its own unique series of the body. However, in the reporting period, the exclusive accounts receivable increased by 93 million yuan in the beginning, while the single series of drug sales also coincided with a growth of about 75 million yuan in the same period last year, the market questioned its profit growth from this year's new acquisition of 4 hospitals linked transactions. Although alone Dong-Guo Kai previously denied this suspicion, but because the company capsule missed the new version of the list of basic drugs, and currently only Qinghai, Guangdong two provinces issued a local update directory, single series products soldThere is indeed some doubt about the sharp rise in sales. At the same time, June 24 this year, alone only announced that its toothpaste will be listed sales, it is difficult to report on the revenue to make too much contribution. "Single blindly traditional leading products for the single series, Schisandra series, the first two years of the series of products revenue has stagnated, coupled with the company facing the equity incentive performance to unlock the pressure to find new profit growth point." The industry analyst said. "Daily economic news" Yesterday many times to call alone Dong secret office phone, but has been engaged in a busy state.
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