"American college Entrance Exam" SAT: Next big industry?

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Study abroad intermediary, primary and secondary school counseling, vocational training ... Most of the areas have been fully or even excessively competitive after all the institutions are looking for the future development of the blue ocean. The question is, where could it be that next big Thing in the education and training circle? Target screening requirements: rapid growth, potential strong enough to ensure a certain profit (institutions are unwilling to throw money to cultivate the market), there is no giant monopoly. "American college Entrance Examination" sat basically satisfied these conditions. Look at the size and growth. According to the SAT official body of the United States University Committee revealed that the number of candidates from the mainland increased year 08 7000, 09 15,000 people, 2011 20,000 people, 2012 to 40,000 people. It could be a record this year, "The Evening News" reports this year, the SAT candidates to Hong Kong are expected to break 60,000, each year to Hong Kong candidates generally accounted for the total number of mainland candidates 50%-70%, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries and regions are also mainland candidates, which means that the number of SAT candidates this year may double again. Market breadth of continuous "expansion", the depth is also worth digging, to ensure sufficient stamina. I, the "wolf" in the industry, said that most of the training institutions sat class teaching only for the last six months of sprint courses, and parents of children's study planning at least 2-3 years in advance. If you can tap the two or three years of training potential, to develop a similar study and think of the early rise of the system, and set up a standardized test system, the SAT market is promising. The SAT is more of a demand for profits-most institutions have higher-margin operations. New Oriental 12 people sat small, 36 tuition fee of 22800 yuan (excluding food and beverage accommodation), personal teacher one-on-one, hourly fee is at least five hundred or six hundred yuan, or even thousands of yuan. At present, nearly hundreds of institutions to open the SAT-related courses, but still did not form an absolute monopoly. "The SAT market is currently occupied by one-on-one and super classes, and there is no perfect model for large-scale class training," Wolf said, which may be the business opportunity for future institutions. When the "American college entrance exam" gradually becomes a big business in China, are the institutions ready? (Multi-Knowledge network Zhang)
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