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Set sail web site to find a number of corporate web site often to refer to the case to learn about his website ideas and advantages. But I found that many corporate sites have gone into the wrong, making the user experience feel very bad. Let me summarize some of the issues you should pay attention to when doing business websites.

First, don't let visitors wait

Many corporate websites often commit problems, the first is often placed on the home page a large flash, often because of this only let the company happy animation, blocking the footsteps of a large number of visitors. The domestic network situation, we all understand, and such a huge animation, to download the time required in general in 10 seconds, And in the Internet age, people's patience has been honed out, if you don't open it for a few seconds, you'll close the browser. Of course, some very important information, will certainly wait to open, but if it is the General Enterprise station, then, you should pay attention to. No one wants to wait more than 10 seconds each time they visit your site.

Second, update the site frequently

After the enterprise website completes, often put in there, half a year or longer do not update the information, think that this is a common problem of many corporate websites. Every business will expect a lot of visitors to visit their websites and visit them often, but how can a site that won't be updated for a long time win visitors ' attention? So, If you want to get people to visit your site often, make it a little more fresh, so that they can have fresh content to visit each time they come.

Third, to set up more than the online consultation of the column

I believe many friends visit the website, see the online customer service tag floating on the page, there will be a feeling of companionship, because there is any problem or need to consult when you can find customer service, so that the answer. and many corporate web pages are often unable to find online contact with the company's Way, Most of them leave a phone, a mailbox, or leave a message board that you don't know when to wait for a reply. So, how can such a website expect him to play an important role? You know, now visitors are lazy, if you can not find the answer here, often immediately find other ways to get answers, Then the site does not have to expand the role of customers. So, to set up a number of online interactive columns, the enterprise site is very necessary.

Finally, search optimization is doing poorly

After looking at a few of the above problems, then the remaining one problem appears, that is, search engine optimization is not good, the company ranked very low. Because the home page placed a large flash animation, resulting in the search engine can not crawl to your site information. If the link is good under flash, if the link in Flash, then the search engine rankings are not very normal. Because search engines can't record the links in the animation. Another is the site update, Baidu snapshot of the date has not changed, through the search engine visitors to see the date, it feels that your site should belong to the device, because the snapshot is basically half a year or more before.

Now many enterprises are very important to their own website construction, but also attaches great importance to search engine optimization, and corporate web site producers should also understand the purpose and method of website construction. Therefore, as a peer, Qufu set sail website construction for everyone to put forward these questions, hoping to avoid misunderstanding, so that the real enterprise to create good benefits

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