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What is SEO metrics? What is the difference between a Web rating factor and a website? Basically, SEO index is not equal to the page rating, but the SEO index will indirectly affect the page rating, this is a lot of people who have no experience often mistaken place.

What is SEO index? is the usual report card of website SEO operation.

What is the page rating factor? is the website SEO operation of the college entrance examination questions, these questions will determine the site of the college entrance examination results. Search rankings are the result of results.

As a volunteer for distribution, just volunteer is by someone else to fill in, that is, the user searched a keyword, it determines the ranking of the site. If you volunteer to fill in the deep computer department, and your total score to meet the standard, if you have some subjects did not reach the target, even if the total score can not be listed in it.

The most important indicator of search rankings is relevance. Your total score is higher, the result is 0 points of mathematics, it is impossible to read excellent science and engineering department.

Therefore, SEO indicators, web ratings, search rankings of the relationship between the three formation, if you do not understand the relationship between the three, it is best to think more, otherwise the whole SEO operation will be difficult to have excellent performance.

SEO indicators where to come?

SEO indicators can be most mainly from Baidu statistics, Baidu Webmaster platform and other tools to get, mainly all types of traffic, how users reach the site, as well as the index of search engines, and other SEO indicators are from data.

SEO indicators can observe the site's physique, a single data or short-term data is usually not see why, but if you can long-term observation, or comparative observation (different sites to compare), you can see some trends, as well as early detection of abnormal signs.

Not only webmaster observation SEO indicators, search engines will also observe the station's SEO indicators, the following are several principles:

• Old Station If the overall link is poor, indicates a quality exception.

• New station If the overall link ratio is too high, indicate an exception.

• If the link is overly focused on the home page, it indicates an exception.

• Link if the link stroke text is too repetitive, it indicates an exception.

• High number of links but no equivalent traffic, indicating an exception.

• High-reliability sites, usually with good pagerank.

· PageRank is high, but the number of links is low and centralized, indicating an exception.

When there is an anomaly, in addition to the algorithm processing, there may be someone to deal with personally, so if you can see from the SEO indicators anomaly, and in search engine before handling properly, you can be safe.

So see here, should be very clear, SEO index is not a page rating, it will not directly affect the page rating, and search rankings are not directly related, but SEO indicators are very important.

So we say that SEO indicators like the site SEO operation of the usual transcripts. If you can deal with the normal results, you can face the college entrance examination questions, that is, Web rating.

The page rating is like a college entrance examination exam, one of the test your site, when you pass the test, will appear in the excellent search rankings, smoothly distributed.

SEO index and the page rating is always changing, the indicators and the importance of factors have been changing, which is also we say "SEO easy to get started, but difficult to start" reason.

So you understand the SEO indicators, web ratings, search rankings after the relationship, you can view a number of operations, if someone tells you something important, or something unimportant, you can judge the correctness of their own, without being led by others to walk. This article by: Optical fiber laser Cutting Machine finishing release.

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