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October 13, 2013, Android Network, the Android market will be united with Tudou, dream Team basketball, cool play in Fuzhou University College held the first university activities.

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The purpose of this event is to deepen the understanding of the Android system among college students and to quickly experience the charm of Android through a variety of activities and questions and answers.

The event site will have a dedicated staff to answer the various problems students encounter when they use the Android phone. This time, Android network combined with the Android Market, Tudou, 91 mobile phone assistants, cool play sinks, blood dream Team and other products in the field have someone to install these classic Android applications, After the experience can participate in the lottery link.

In this event will also have songs and magic performances, and micro-Bo and micro-letter interaction, while in the Android Forum, micro-blog will also be synchronized activities on the cable.

Android Campus, take you to the palm of the world. Android, have you more wonderful.

Product List

Android: Ann is the first comprehensive mobile phone portal in the country to focus on the Android phone industry. Android Network is an important bridge between mobile phone players and manufacturers. The website provides all users and developers with first-hand Android hardware, software and technical information, and provides users with easy and convenient communication platforms. Up to now, the number of Android members has reached more than 32 million, becoming the largest Android user community in the country.

Android Market: The richest apps and games, 100 million users first choice, the most intelligent downloads and upgrades, save traffic up to 90%, the most efficient audit and control, mobile phone security away from the virus

91 Assistant: 91 Assistant is the first brand in China's application market, providing applications, games, themes, wallpapers, ringtones and other massive resources to download high-speed, is the ideal mobile life for smartphone users.

Tudou: Potatoes-Everyone is the director of Life! Pack the literature, the big coffee, the beauty, the Potato app, the outfit!

Cool Play sinks: Cool Play collection is the hottest and latest game software, select only recommended fine. Unique Special area to help you keep up with the times hot spots, more professional evaluation strategy allows you to easily play the application, so that you enjoy super fast one-stop download experience.

Blood Dream Team: In the stars of the bright basketball world, create belong to everyone's dream! To create a truly own "All-Star" lineup! The dream is about to open!

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