Antitrust investigation is Microsoft to take the blame for dealers?

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Absrtact: For Microsoft China by the business sector antitrust investigation, the original Microsoft China executives Tang June, said recently, Microsoft Windows and office in the market hegemony and monopoly status, why 10 years ago, Microsoft's absolute supremacy did not suffer from anti-


In the case of Microsoft China's antitrust investigation by the business sector, former Microsoft China Executive Tang June recently wrote that Microsoft Windows and office in the market hegemony and monopoly of a long history, why 10 years ago, Microsoft's absolute supremacy has not been antitrust investigation, but today has been so severely investigated? The original is, "Microsoft is antitrust investigation, should be for dealers to take the blame."

Tang June interpreted as antitrust investigation is Microsoft for dealers to take the blame for three:

1, the investigation is not bundled sales but was reported. Microsoft's alleged monopoly, the four office was investigated by the State Administration for industry and commerce, not because of the rumors of bundled sales, but Microsoft has been a number of companies reported that it through some unconventional means to force the sale of Microsoft products.

2, Microsoft to fight piracy trouble.

Microsoft's Windows and office are almost always a must for all companies, and for a variety of reasons, not all products used are genuine or obtained through normal channels. Microsoft has been aware of this since entering China in the 1994, and Microsoft is using the marketing strategy of capturing the market first, nurturing users, and then slowly harvesting them.

In the 1999, Microsoft was trying to sell through a crackdown on piracy, and at the time, Microsoft suffered a backlash from governments, the media, academics and consumers.

3, the dealer telephone marketing causes the Chinese enterprise to resent.

Now many Chinese companies already have the sense of using genuine, Microsoft also obtained a lot of economic benefits. However, these do not meet Microsoft's "performance" indicators.

Microsoft's distributors are under the banner of Microsoft in a variety of ways for many small and medium-sized enterprises, some of them were asked by telephone, others by letter of attorney, or by direct reporting, which led some companies to be investigated by business administration, which in large part caused Chinese enterprises to dislike Microsoft, Many companies are beginning to complain and Sue Microsoft, which is the most important reason for the investigation.


The most important thing, said Tang June, is for the dealers to realize that marketing in China is still in accordance with China's traditional habits. That is love, reason, law, first love, the last is the law, can be more reasonable, not hasty.

Tang June's Microsoft antitrust investigation "The blame said", I disagree, at least the following 3 things can not rely on dealers:

1. Monopoly. In February this year, Microsoft was accused of abusing its dominance to raise software prices and was under antitrust investigation in South Korea. Microsoft April 8 to stop Windows XP Upgrade security analysis System repair, has been the Chinese authorities to stare at. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted an antitrust investigation of Microsoft and Qualcomm's two companies, possibly starting a formal investigation into Microsoft's operating system monopoly.

2. Involving national security. Central Government Procurement Center issued a recent notice, said Windows 7 and Windows 8 share a set of product number, Microsoft This bid is the Windows 7,windows 8 is not listed.

3, Microsoft in the global tax evasion and other general violations can not blame dealers. In 2003, Microsoft Korea recognized tax evasion and paid millions of tax fines. In 2005, Microsoft and other tax evasion in Venezuela were ordered to suspend business and fines. In the 2013, Microsoft, IBM and Dell were checked for tax evasion in the UK. Earlier this month, Microsoft (China) was fined for exceeding carbon emissions in Beijing.


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