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These days to see an article, the title is "micro-business will die 6 months probation execution", after reading, the little woman called a gas, instant indignation, light on the so-called two months of investigation, on the jump off the theory: micro-business will die, but also suspended 6 months of execution, it is nonsense, but also the grand list of 9 fatal causes of death. Do you know anything about micro-business? Understand the micro-business? How many micro-dealers do you know? Also known as "micro-business entrepreneurship coach," say such a remark, the little woman for your shame. The little girl is a micro-business, and think of doing small has become, although do micro-business just a year, but also is a relatively rich market experience, the current team of nearly 500 people, monthly sales 8 million, I think in the whole of China, do micro-business than I have a lot of strong. How can we be so easily extinguished? I think the future of the micro-business is good! The following is a list of the micro-quotient of the 9 fatal causes of death, I one by one hit back, do micro-business brothers and sisters are assessed, see if I say right, or wrong? 1. Products Follow your friends Circle 5000 people, 1000 micro-business, 70% sell facial mask, feel all in selling mask? All China's micro-business close to 20 million, how do you know that the rest are selling mask? Micro-business sales of products in fact very rich, take my friend circle, there are selling clothing shoes, hats, milk powder, jewelry, as well as selling jewelry, houses, cars, and even sell yachts, sell airplanes, many micro-business is not "micro", on the contrary, the strength is quite strong. Moreover, the micro-business products are very rich in innovative, such as the recent very hot magic color tear pull lip gloss, Korea import, international patent, the world's first 24 hours without makeup lip gloss, let how many beautiful women scream, you build it? 2. Inferior quality "micro-business district There are many poor quality three products" to cover the whole! Which shopping district is not a mixed bag? "Poor quality three products" only the Micro business district have? Taobao has no three products? Does the entity store have no three products? All of them! If the sale of inferior products, not micro-business, is all the business model will die! Do a lot of micro-business sales of their own products, will use their own, such as me, I sell all the products, I was first bought their own use, the effect is really good, I will sell. Moreover, before the purchase we will be the product in-depth investigation and understanding, if the product to what nothing, not into the girl's discernment. 3. The credibility of the weak this is even more ridiculous! What does a micro-trader survive? The first one: credibility! Your circle of friends is not a relative is a friend, then a friend of friends, classmates, if you do not have credibility, not simply people will not buy your products, more important is life, everyone will be away from you. Therefore, the most important thing is the credibility of the micro-business, so the micro-business, credit is the leverage, products are tested by their own personal trial, not good things, will not recommend to their friends, so did the micro-business, my friend not only less, but more than many times, not only our local, There are all over the country, and even foreign. Does a micro-trader without credibility have so much charm? 4. Profit is not enough to read this I was drunk! The micro-merchant sells the apple (is eats the apple, is not the Crazy Apple), sells the autumn trousers, smiles smokes me! Micro-business is also a businessman, since it is a businessman is to obtain profits for the purpose, micro-business selection to select the profit margin to support the micro-business model of products, is not a product can be taken in the micro-commercial market. I and my team selected products not only my profit is enough, the following level, level two, small agent of the profits are enough, and the more the lower the lower the profit of the small agent. And I'm telling you, I've got one months to sell 8 million-10 million, my minimum level of agent one months can also make tens of thousands of eight, compared to the nine-to-five office workers better, yes, my small agents are many of the three or four-line city, this income than the North wide white-collar workers are not bad. 5. Investment circle Money said what "goods are under the hands of lower agents, not to the customer hand", this is more funny, you really do the city tune it? Really underestimate the IQ of the micro quotient, if the hands of goods, sell not to go out, we will be silly to take money to purchase? Also, even if some of the hands of the pressure of the goods, it depends on what he is pressing the goods, do not deceive you, I do a few of the products, not only Yahuo, and sometimes broken goods. For example, magic color tear pull lip gloss, sell too fire, the total generation of no goods, level, level two, all the small agents are almost no goods, there are many customers have paid advance, in the goods. I do not worry about the sale of goods, worry is to accept the customer's money, no goods. 6, the violent brush screen also said "micro-business small white"? This era, do micro-business who still blindly brush screen ah, are all the times, micro-business promotion is not only the hair of a friend circle so simple, we will not be other promotional methods, all day to cling to the circle of friends, but also micro-letter put us out? Micro-merchants to promote the brush circle of Friends is the most basic, really powerful through the new Media + from the media + online activities, through the powerful social media such as micro-blog, forum, Baidu question and answer know, QQ space, blog, video sharing (American film, Micro-vision), music picture sharing and so on to promote drainage, at the same time line online activities to cooperate, So easy to detonate sales. I don't have a circle of friends for one weeks now, and I sell my goods. My agent is not only micro-business, online Taobao, Cat, Jingdong merchants, the line under the cosmetics shop, Ultra, beauty salons have. Want to learn new media promotion skills and online integrated marketing friends, plus I micro-letter 397907322 (quietly), I will accumulate all the experience of their own to donate, and dime. 7, blindly suck powder also mask the party, sanitary napkins micro-business plus people blindly? One or two rookie just began to blindly add micro-letter, that is too normal, which business model of the novice to play? Have to have a learning process, like I now never casually add people, my fans are recommended by friends, many are attracted. My client used my product, I think the effect is very good, and then the sisters and colleagues around will ask her where to buy? Then the customer recommended to me, my sales, a large part of the customer Word-of-mouth results, this also proves that the micro-business is not only credible, but also quite! 8, theAt the end of the inverted "micro-Lake has a madman, claiming to be the dean of the Lunatic Hospital, the invention of a subversive brand concept of" do not sell products, only sell meaning; there is no demand, only the pursuit of '. For this madman, I can only say that it is really the "lunatic asylum", but he is a madman, does not mean that the whole micro-dealers are crazy. As a relatively senior micro-business (micro-business appears not too long, do one year is more senior bar, hehe) i "sell products, sell products to meet customer demand; I sell services, solve customer problems, and strive to make customer satisfaction!" "This is my business philosophy, I think this should be the concept of all business models!" 9, choose the wrong Battlefield "the micro-business from the beginning to choose the wrong shopping scene: The circle of Friends is a private living room, not the mall." "For this, I am still the sentence, who stipulated that the micro-business can only be promoted in the circle of friends to sell goods?" Promotional means thousands, now popular Cross-border integration marketing, what O2O, online development to the offline, offline development to the line, line on the integration of marketing, we micro-business can not integrate marketing it? Can't we develop sales channels outside our circle of friends? That's great! I said above, I now the lower dealers are not only micro-business, online Taobao, Cat, Jingdong merchants, the line under the cosmetics shop, Ultra, beauty salon, nail shop, barber shops have. And if your micro-letter is open for your customers, then your circle of friends can become a supermarket, you daily to provide them with fresh product information, and supermarkets to send customers a DM single What is the difference? You have to answer the customer's questions through the micro-letter, very good maintenance of customer service relations, what can not? Who's to make sure I have to put the private circle and the client circle together? We can operate separately! Nine of them were refuted, really chest, said the right, you reader please judge freely, think I said a bit of truth, want to make friends with small, ready to do micro-business, or have been a friend of micro-business, welcome to communicate with me, my micro-letter 397907322 (quietly). If you think I said wrong, please float over, thank you!
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