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Site optimization of the external environment and internal and external environment need to coordinate to make the site a higher level, then how to achieve coordination! Let's talk about it! Site optimization of the external environment: competitor analysis, through the analysis of competitor website, to determine the marketing objectives and target users for the scope of the site optimization and marketing process more targeted. External resources optimization, I said it is not good, but also need others to say hello. External resource optimization is the use of our large number of alliances and partner sites, so many sites say hello, this not only increased the connection of 17891.html "> popularity, but also increased the visibility of the site." Search engine collection optimization, search engine submission, increase external links and other means, so that search engines faster, more sites included in the Site page. Links, and other sites to exchange links, friends chain change, but also may allow you to add a friend.

Site optimization of the internal and external environment: keyword planning, through the analysis of target users search habits and keyword demand, to determine the focus of the key to the scope of keywords, so that each input more effective. Website column and content optimization, based on the choice of keyword range, according to the site transformation cycle theory, optimize the site columns and content, so that every important page has the opportunity to get a good natural ranking. Site structure and layout optimization, through the site structure and layout optimization, so that the site on the search engine more friendly, expand the site in the major search engines included in the volume, there are more collected, to better ranking opportunities. At the same time, by improving the key pages, improve the conversion rate of the website, add more orders. Effect tracking, statistics and reporting, no one can make a perfect plan, through the effect of tracking and statistics, we can timely grasp the search engine marketing results and different keyword referral number, and continuously optimize the marketing process, so that every investment of customers have a reasonable return.

There may be a lot of external environment and internal and external environment, Sun wrote here, these should be more important optimization operations, if you have other optimization operations worth using, then trouble you release to share. It's hard to eat alone. O (∩_∩) o haha ~ Only site optimization of the external environment and internal and external environment to achieve coordination! Then your site is not far from success! Original address: copyright © Reprint must be linked to the form of the author and the original source!

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