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Black Swan Collective flying, A shares again encounter "Black Monday". February 2, the Shanghai Composite Index plunged 82 points, closed at 3128.3 points. So far, since the January 27 a-share adjustment, a short period of 5 days Prev has been straight 255 points, the decline reached 7.5%. This is since July 2014 a A-share strength, the first appearance of the stock index five consecutive trading days fell sharply. The same day, the "Black Swan Incident" attack of the financial unit and the concept of the area along the forefront. In the face of the 5-day 255-point plunge, "it feels like the logic of restructuring is going to change," says a senior strategist at a mid-sized brokerage, who told the 21st century economic reporter, "but some institutions still stick to the logic of their investment and" don't lighten up "and wait for a new round of rebound. Black Swan launched "2015, Black Swan really a lot of", February 1, CICC chief Strategy analyst Wang Hanfeng directly to this issue a strategy week. In the past week, a-share has been subjected to a round of bad news inside and outside the attack. On the periphery, oil prices continue to fall sharply, many central banks have joined the loosening camp, the competitive devaluation of the currency has been one after another, while the CSRC has announced the start of a second round of two-melt inspections since December last year. The 4-day-a-share has been drastically adjusted for the last two days of January, also weekend time, again encounter 2 Black Swan attack: Minsheng Bank governor Mauxiao was taken away to investigate; China Life's performance was lower than expected to be the Black swan that hit the bull drive, the financial stocks, while the Chinese iron construction of the Mexican high-speed railway bid "indefinitely" shelved , COSCO Group invested in the Greek wharf twists was the Black swan that attacked the concept of "all the way". And the first two black Swans directly promote a A-share February 2 the day of the plunge. February 2, Minsheng Bank jumped low open, the opening fell 6.5%, 16 bank shares all fall green; China Life led down the insurance shares, eventually fell 6.65%, China's Tai Bao (601601.SH), China Ping An (601318.SH) decline in more than 4%; 19 only in the trading brokerage stocks only Merchants Securities (600999.SH), Southwest Securities (600369.SH) red, and just the successful merger of Shen Wanhongyuan (000166.SZ) to 7.36% of the decline led down. This is just a big increase in the public offering fund, is undoubtedly a heavy hammer, due to the wave of the bull market in the financial sector strong profit-making effect, many institutions last year in the four quarter began large weightlifting warehouse. Wind data shows that last year at the end of the Four seasons, a total of 480 public offering fund heavy warehouse China Ping An 697 million shares, become the fund "the first pet", and another 169 public funds heavy warehouse brokerage industry leading shares Citic Securities (600030.SZ), 192 fund heavy Warehouse Minsheng Bank, 102 fund heavy warehouse China life. Among them, February 2 the same day China Ping An shares fell 3.07 yuan, 480 public offering fund market value evaporation of 2.14 billion yuan. The 5-day collapsed 255-point market has made the investment managers of the heavily-traded financial stocks on pins and needles. "In recent days the marketReally Yixieqianli, just reconstructed the position will uniform green, especially the financial stocks, was very optimistic, but fell very helpless, a Beijing gold control group, an investment manager said, now even the amount of money is gone, can only wait to adjust the end. The agency's insistence on the "indefinite" use of the Mexican high-speed rail bid, directly related to China's CRCC February 2 decline of 9.91%, and its consortium to bid for the Mexican High Iron project, China South car fell by 9.95%, the Chinese South car is to be merged with China's north car has fallen. Affected by this, China's electricity Construction (601669.SH), China Railway (601390.SH), the second Bureau of China Railway (600528.SH), Chinese Construction (601800.SH), such as many of the concept of a large market shares declined by more than 7%. Like the investment manager in the heavy warehouse, the investment manager of the "All along" concept unit is also suffering. Data show that the heavy warehouse China Railway construction, China South car, China North vehicle funds are 30, 22 and 30, respectively, the shareholding of 75.1465 million shares, 222 million shares and 234 million shares, only February 2 this day the market value will evaporate 97.69 million yuan, 278 million yuan and 300 million yuan respectively, Total evaporation of 678 million yuan. Among them, the Great Wall brand optimization fund is the first. Last year at the end of the four, its heavy warehouse 117 million shares of China South car, 127 million Chinese North car, occupy all the funds heavy warehouse number of more than 50%, The February 2 alone will evaporate $146 million and $164 million respectively. A total of about 310 million yuan worth noting is that at the same time, heavy warehouse China South car and China North Car Fund a few, such as the establishment of the letter optimization growth, Jianxin positive configuration, the southern high-end equipment, Ying Hua core value optimization, Yinhua leading strategy, BOC dynamic Strategy, In the long Shengtong Zhi, China Railway, China Southern car, China North car and China Railway. A shares of the beginning of the current round of the bull market since the 5 consecutive trading day adjustment, coupled with finance, along the way, such as the main driving force of the turn, these plates and even the whole market investment logic is challenged? In the interview, a heavy warehouse "along the way" concept of the fund managers use "road is tortuous, the future is bright" to express his insistence , the concept of "all the way" related to the stock is only normal adjustment, not to change the long-term upward trend. Even if there is a setback in China's iron-building project in Mexico, the parties will be dealt with by commercial law. For now, these short-term bad news will not lead to a lighten up. "We have a heavy warehouse along the way concept stocks are not purely concerned with the subject matter, but to see whether it really fell to the real, whether to bring performance for the listed companies," South, a well-known private investment director said not to be affected by short-term market sentiment, "in the implementation process, there are setbacks are normal, the current lack of concrete landing implementation, such as specific planning, support policies, orders and amounts. "As for the leading plate encountered" beheading "will affect the overall trend of the market, South Fund chief strategy analyst, fund manager Yang Delong," the financial, the area along the way to the market short-term trend hasAdverse effects. But to realize that this round of the rally is not because of finance, the way all the way, but the admission of funds outside the field. At present, the trend is still unchanged, the property market, industry, financial and other funds are still in the admission.
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