Blue cursor: The first step of the technology investment strategy the important new layout of CRM field

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and pick news Beijing Blue Cursor brand Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Blue cursor") issued a notice to its own funds to Puma Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Puma technology") increased the RMB 9.5 million, to obtain its 15% equity. Puma Science and Technology was founded in 2008, is the domestic focus on large-scale brand design, establishment and operation of innovative CRM (Customer relationship Management) marketing platform technology companies, Beijing, Shanghai has set up a branch. Puma Technology has database marketing, CRM operations, project management, application development, system development and other software areas of the top talent, customer service including Chrysler China, Shanghai Volkswagen, Hewlett-Packard China, the United States and China, and Google China. The founder of Puma Technology, Mr. Maushimian, has served as managing director of the Austrian-American group and the general manager of the Ogilvy Interactive China region, helping to cultivate China's first generation of internet marketing talent, Mr. Maushimian has over 19 years of experience in database marketing, advertising, internet marketing and CRM, using digital marketing strategies and implementation tools, To help customers get more potential buyers, increase the conversion rate of potential users, and ultimately help customers improve ROI has a senior experience, for this cooperation, he said, "with the advent of the social mobile internet era, we see the brand for the full cycle of customer relationship management needs more urgent, We hope that through the strategic investment of the blue cursor, we can accelerate the speed of technological innovation and talent reserve, help enterprises to use better methods and technologies, provide a surprising consumer experience, and improve the efficiency of marketing and service. "On this investment equity behavior," said Mr Zhao Wenjuan, chairman and CEO of the Blue Cursor Group, "The core strategy for the 2014 blue cursor is still digital and internationalized, and the digital business group will be able to do a full range of fast layout in large data, mobile interconnection, E-commerce and video four business areas." and the investment Puma Technology, is the blue cursor to strengthen the technology investment strategy after the first important project, but also in the field of CRM important layout. Mr. Zhao Wenjuan also proposed that the goal of the blue cursor in the future is to change the single reliance on people through the technology + data job model, offering a product or semi product service to form a replicable business model. The group's future investment in technology will occupy an increasing proportion of our cost.
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