Business Association: There is basically no shortage of goods in China

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Beijing Xidan Mall Shopping flow (Photo source: Xinhua) Xinhua Beijing, June 1 (reporter Remin) China Business Federation, the newly elected President Zhang Zhigang said recently, according to the Ministry of Commerce monitoring, the current market of more than 600 kinds of major consumer goods supply and demand balance of about one-third, oversupply of about Two-thirds,  There is basically no shortage of goods. "China's commodity circulation industry has become an important part of the national economy and plays an indispensable role in expanding domestic demand, directing production and promoting consumption," Zhang Zhigang said at a board meeting of the China Business Federation. However, compared with developed countries, China's circulation industry still has a big gap: the scale of circulation and the difference in consumption level per capita. 2008 U.S. merchandise sales were 4.4129 trillion U.S. dollars, 14,600 dollars per person.  In the same period, China's total retail sales amounted to one-third in the United States, with a per capita retail equivalent of One-twelveth. --the gap of the scale of circulation enterprises.  2008 China's "Retail hundred" merchandise sales amounted to 1.2069 trillion yuan, accounting for China's social consumer goods retail total of 11.1%, 2008 U.S. retail sales of 1.7963 trillion U.S. dollars (including outside the U.S. market), accounting for the total U.S. retail sales of 40.7%. There is a big gap between the main economic indicators.  At present, the gap between Chinese and foreign circulation industry in organizational level, information level, logistics distribution, commercial damage prevention and talent team is obvious. The gap between China and rural areas is big.  In the total retail sales of consumer goods in China in 2009, ten provinces and cities in the eastern region accounted for 54%, six provinces in the central region accounted for 19.7%, 12 provinces in the west accounted for 17.2% and northeast accounted for 9.1%. The proportion of Chinese urban population was 46.6% in 2009, and the proportion of rural population accounted for 53.4%. In the total retail sales of consumer goods, the urban market accounted for 68%, the rural market accounted for 32%, and the gap between urban and rural consumption level was obvious.
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