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On the eve of the National Day Holiday (September 28), the Chengdu games industry a few party in the High-tech zone a well-known café quietly held, including Chengdu Dream Factory general manager Qiu, Chengdu Dream Factory executive general manager Wei, Chengdu Calvi Technology director Gebin (Micro bo), Chengdu Xiao Music Entertainment founder Loo,  Mud Net Chairman and CEO Wang Lei, Sichuan Nine Interactive founder and CEO Zhu Shunjing. The six giants have been in Beijing, Shanghai and other well-known national game companies as senior executives, famous, among them, the Chinese game veteran figures Gebin recently also set up the office in Chengdu, thus marking the Chengdu game industry six giants formed.  Party Gap, the giants of Chengdu, said the newspaper reporter, Chengdu has become the second only to Beijing, Shanghai, the game base, and in order to attract more senior talent gathered, the bosses quietly thrown high prices to dig people conditions.  "Foreign monk" September 28 7 o'clock in the evening, a high-tech zone café, Qiu, Loo and other five people and just arrived in Chengdu, Gebin sat on the orange sofa, drinking orange juice. These six people are "big names", which Qiu and Luo Xiao-Yin is the famous "West Hill Three Musketeers" in the two. At present, the Dream factory founded by Qiu is already the southwest biggest game development and operation Enterprise; Loo is known as "China's first online game", at present in Chengdu, the creation of Xiao-audio entertainment, specifically for the major games dubbing; In addition, Zhu Shunjing, the former chief CTO, founder CEO, Jinshan Assistant President and the vice President Xun Travel,  In Chengdu, the creation of the Sichuan Nine interactive, research and development of the Three Kingdoms game swept Southeast Asia, and mud network with 3 months of research and development of the "Three Kingdoms" won the investment of 60 million yuan, so that the Chengdu game Ring shock. In these six, Golden Cool game CEO Gebin is the senior figure of Chinese online games. In the first half of 2012, Gebin announced the closure of the product Gebin, followed by the industry attention. That night he told reporters that Chengdu will be the "comeback" base, to the Chengdu-Asia Company (2008) to make Chengdu and even the country's largest mobile internet research and development company, is expected to expand to 1000 people a year, development projects more than 20, the target of overseas 3D and leisure mobile games,  Domestic network games mainly. "Worried about local talent," "lack of senior talent, so this year the phenomenon of digging people particularly prominent", mud Nets chairman and CEO Wang Lei's sigh has been unanimously agreed.  In July this year, Qiu the three senior executives (COO Wei, Vice President Wu Yahui, and the head of the paging center operations Zhou Yafeng) to DreamWorks. However, the six giants who have been in Shanghai and Beijing for many years have also expressed "concern" to the local talents in Chengdu, and "Chengdu's talents are mainly university students, lacking experienced senior technical talents, operation talents and promotion talents". How to put high-end talent "into" Chengdu is the most important thinking of the current giants. This Qiu proposed two ways, "the first is investment, the second is to hire professional managers." Gebin even put forward the condition, "if is the individual, the team joins, we will give 40% shares". And the reporter learned that for the core talent, the above boss throws the millions condition, "in addition to salary, but also provide a house, car and other welfare benefits." At the same time, there is a boss suggested, "Can the local people sent to Beijing, Shanghai to work, and then back", this proposal has been quite agreeable, it is learned that some of the Chengdu game Enterprises may be tried in the near future. Chengdu Business Newspaper reporter Shi Dawei
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