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"Pomegranate algorithm-Low quality page Terminator". Remember number 17th that day, opened the Baidu Webmaster tools, this domineering title appears in the eye. Originally wanted to write an article about the book, but in view of this document is mainly to contain bad window, a lot of confusion page main content such as spam ads page, I believe for most stationmaster, these pages bring negative impact, we should have known. Therefore, the document does not really have any meaningful guidance for us.

In this document there is a saying that "This is a search engine to respect the user's inevitable choice, but also focus on the Internet to purify the overall environment of the inevitable trend." We might as well understand that high quality pages can get a better sort. In the Internet, in fact, the low quality of the page is not only refers to a large number of windows, spam ads and other elements of the page. In more SEO tutorials, we have long been aware of false original, collection, paragraph confusion and so on, in fact, is also a low quality of the page, in 2013 months, I believe that these pages will be the focus of the search engine remediation.

In document number 17th, Baidu only represents a page to crack down on ad excesses, but that's just the beginning. We can not because we have not been affected lightly, then how to create high-quality pages, comprehensively against the pomegranate algorithm?

One, think about, what content is the website user likes

The user comes in the website to have what purpose, is to look for what content. This is a problem that every website operator needs to think about. For example, such as a Guangzhou website construction company as the main keyword corporate website, so we have to build some of the site needs of users interested in the article. Rather than a lot of to update some of the Web site building needs to understand the knowledge of PHP, website building How to get started this type for users "inscrutable" article.

Is the article related is not right, why do you say so? That is because we should consider, search Guangzhou website construction Company's users are basically looking for a Guangzhou website construction company to help build their own website. Most of this type of users are business managers who don't have any knowledge of website construction and don't want to learn PHP or get started. Therefore, sometimes the newer content is popular, simple, such as "website construction cost How to calculate", believe that this type of article for users is more meaningful.

Second, on the writing of original articles, do not take shortcuts

On the network to see a lot of the original share of the article, is really the wisdom of worshipping netizens, original methods of strange, such as using a collection of micro-blog content, QQ space content, or translation of foreign web site content and so on. Indeed, these are original, but think of this type of so-called original content, when after finishing, often the text meaning and paragraphs have been confused, has long been against the original intention of high-quality pages, it is not desirable, the real original is a stroke of their own strokes out.

So how original, for the corporate website, the general information is not high, then I suggest every day or day to write an article on their own. And the information is relatively large portal site or business-to-business site can be used to encourage users to contribute, or in the site before the first reduction of the number of columns, the later weight increase, the appropriate expansion of the column, and then accept the user contributions, and appropriate collection of some articles.

Third, the article is best to add related pictures

Although many times, the addition of pictures to the content of the article does not have much substantive help. But in the process of reading, if the relevant interesting pictures, indeed can improve a lot of reading interest. And compared to the white, text and text, and the article will not be so easy to dull.

Iv. Recommendations for related articles

That is the construction of the inner chain. When you write an article, if you really do not expect to recommend what the time, then I suggest that we do not recommend. If there is no substance to recommend the user article, then only to increase the site's untidy. Only recommended readings that are truly useful to the user, are high quality.

The discussion of page quality ends here. At present, Baidu just released the first wave of pomegranate algorithm, the follow-up algorithm content is how we do not know, the only know is necessarily for the quality of the page and the quality of the content to rectify. Although the unknown is the most frightening, because you do not know what it (Baidu) will do you, but if we carefully to the quality of the page to do, then no matter what the algorithm is, we do not have to worry too much. Article from Gongsunze Guangzhou website construction company Http:// Reprint please keep the copyright information.

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