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Keywords Flow build SEO must points clever use the weeks

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As we all know, picture site can detonate the flow of the site, in fact, has been observing a lot of traffic site, found that a lot of traffic sites have their own characteristics of the SEO, this article, the use of some of the image flow of the site using the SEO techniques to describe these flow optimization skills, If you also want to make a good picture site, then I hope this article can give you a little advice.

1th: Use of Alt tags

Believe that many owners understand the importance of the ALT attribute to the picture, then here, suddenly want to ask, Title attribute to the picture what role? ALT and title are the attributes of the picture, so what is there to chant and function? You can think about oh, in the end of the article revealed the answer; Refers to the use of Alt tags for pictures, generally in the properties of the picture, plus alt= "" Such a field, because the alt can explain what this picture is used, in fact, on many sites have given up the ALT attribute, so that the search engine does not know what this picture specifically describes, In fact, the ALT attribute in addition to explain what this picture is doing, there is a greater significance in the search engine can get the image rankings, as shown in the following figure,


This picture has been described by me, alt= "but 17-year-old seems to be really or yesterday Li I may not love you", then we search engine image search in such a sentence, you can look at the following figure


After the search has been shown as a figure, and more of a similar diagram, which shows that such a figure has been marked by a lot of webmaster, thus obtaining this keyword ranking, also explained that alt from the other hand to the image of the search rankings, you can get more traffic. PS: Generally the ALT attribute is the same as the site title, in many websites, this setting can be passed to the relevance of the picture through the relevance of the title, can also attract the possible correlation flow.

2nd: Picture URL and the way the picture is named

In fact, the picture URL is also a can bring us a flow of places, in particular, the path of the picture, including the URL and the name of the picture, below it, standing in search of the angle to explore this way of different, then, as shown in the picture, is the author after the search results, the author of the Search is " Xiaoqingxin ", as pictured


This is the search engine I found for these pictures to name the way and the understanding of the URL, that is, if the URL, or the name of the image contains search keywords, then you will eventually get the result may be a certain correlation, that is, the search word and we named the word has a certain link, so say, In the future of the name of the picture, or need to have a certain skill, the relevance will often lead to the ranking and weight of the page, so that every bit, in the picture site are required to control.

3rd: The size of the picture is in reasonable control

Do not know how many stationmaster is because the picture is slow to load out and let the user close the website directly, remember someone said "the user's patience for the site is 10s, if not yet loaded out, then sorry, direct shutdown," How this image explains the importance of the speed of a website, yes, Speed is too important for a website, but if a site is full of pictures, then how to do it, pictures of slow loading speed, give a little bit of advice on the picture site.

A the site gzip compression, a picture site is required to use, after all, picture size, if not to compress, then the server transmission how fast.

b picture size strict requirements, remember in PS, we have such a method, the following directly above the figure


This way is also in the future we have to deal with the picture must be well controlled, after all, reduce 1KB, there will be more than one user.

C Picture delay loading, in fact, many sites are now using such code, such as in various types of printerest Web sites, is often so, this way is reflected only when the user down, request the data, only to call these pictures of resources, This trick in the picture site is also very extensive.

4th: The importance of the link of the picture

Most of the time, users will be attracted to the image, then you can't help but click on these pictures to see the next one, this is our common user experience, do not know your site can be set, yes, the importance of the link to the picture is to meet the user's experience, many pictures of the site will link links to the current page, Thus misleading the user, so that after the user clicks, but found that the page did not jump, this is how much damage experience ah; in fact, the importance of the picture site is that the picture is needed to click, after the user is clicked on a page to see, is not a saying good, where not to point where it, If your site is a platform, then all the users come to your site will be point where, set the link bar, this is every picture class site must learn one.

About the above four points is the author of a small summary of the picture class site Settings skills, for SEO, more or in the experience, Paint room accessories,, carefully original, below, to answer the opening set of the topic bar, ALT and title of the difference between it, There are three points that can be distinguished, 1th: Alt is when the picture does not exist when the alternative text; title is the description of the picture and further explanation; 2nd: Under normal circumstances, the title value will be displayed when the mouse passes through the picture, and the ALT value will not be displayed, and the recognition effect of the search has been mentioned, No more explanation.

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